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Magical Flavour, Dedicate in Promoting Your Ejuice

Magical Flavour is a brand factory specializing in the production of flavors for e-liquids. We have been immersed in the e-cigarette industry for more than ten years and have unique insights and special innovations for various flavors.   There are many flavor factories in China, how does Magical Flavour stand out? Relying on a wide […]

Make Your Own DIY Vape Juice

Your mixing adventures! Using Flavor concentrates, to make your own DIY vape juice. Are you tired of the commercial same ready-to-vape juice in the market? DIY vape juice is the choice of homemade from the ready e-liquid in the market. The same ingredients will be used, but adjustable and flexible by your own idea and […]

Getting Started With Your Electronic Cigarette

Welcome Congratulations on purchasing your new electronic cigarette. We hope you enjoy vaping with it. E-cigs are a fast-growing industry, and they have been increasing in popularity for years because they offer a smoke-free alternative to cigarettes. You are joining millions of others who have chosen this alternative to smoke. This booklet is meant to […]

How to Make Your Own E-Liquid with Flavor Concentrate

How to Make Your Own E-Liquid

DIY e-liquid, or mix your own is the perfect way to fully control your vaping experience. You get to make your e-liquid to your exact specifications and you can even save some money. BENEFITS OF DIY E-LIQUIDS Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of DIY e-liquid. Convenience – Like many things, mixing […]