How to DIY your e-juice?

To know how to DIY e-juice, you should firstly know the forming elements of e-juice are VG, PG,flavour and nicotine.

Firstly, get a recipe to make your e-juice with the taste you like. For the recipe reference, you can get them on these websites, including E-liquid recipes, Kritikal, 99Juices and reddit, etc. And then, buy the basic stuff, including VG, PG, flavour and nicotine to start to DIY the e-juice. 

Secondly, after you have the good recipes, the next step is to calculate the amount of the base stuff you are going to use to make your e-juice according to the recipe.

Thirdly, after the calculation, you can start to mix the liquid to make e-juice with the certain amount of the different base stuff.

Fourthly, start to shake your e-juice to make the flavor to fully integrate with the nicotine base.  

Fifthly, the last step is to steep. your e-liquid. This step is optional. 

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