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Vanilla is one of the most popular flavours in vaping.

It complements so many other flavours and enhances the complexity of mixes, making it one of the most often-used in a range of recipes.

Because of this, we stock a huge variety of different options. However, the choice can be bewildering.

Well, they can vary in thickness and mouthfeel as well as flavour – some are much more plain and designed to use as a base, whereas others have spicy notes and are great for adding an accent to bakery recipes.

We’ve made this guide to help you to make the right choice for your vape liquid.


The chances are, you’ve come across some of these before. But did you get the most out of them?

Vanillas are well-known for their versatility.

They can be paired particularly well with creams, caramels and butterscotch to add a depth of flavour.

The right flavour concentrate can really make or break an e-liquid, so it’s worth getting it right.

This is light with a hint of creaminess which adds a delicious silkinesss. It is smooth to vape with very little throat hit.

We recommend steeping for a few days to get the best from this concentrate.

Usually used as an accent for other flavours, this is ideal to add just a hint of vanilla to dessert mixes such as banana splits (highly recommended) or creamy cakes. Try using this in the delicious Amaretto Cappuccino recipe.

This is not a plant flavour but instead is creamy and smooth..

However, because of its smoothness, it pairs very well with plant flavour concentrates for a creamy, smoky taste, as you can tell by the range of recipes this is used in: Tobacoco 그리고 Smoker’s Delight, for example.

This is one of the few vanillas that works well as a standalone. It has an extremely smooth inhale and it is a flavoursome French vanilla taste on the exhale, meaning it has a rich and custardy taste.

We recommend mixing this at 1-2% and steeping for 2-3 days.

While not as thick as some ‘custardy’ vanpes, this retains the richness without feeling heavy.

It is mild and mimics the distinctive taste of French vanilla, which is a classic French style of making ice-cream using an egg-custard base. This gives it that subtle and sweet flavour of a ‘coke float’.

This is a concentrate to add depth to your mixes as it is a strong flavour with a slight caramel smell. It can alter in taste and gain a slight chemical tone if it’s combined with too many other cream or vanillas – it likes to be the star of the show.

Mixed at 3%, this is perfectly creamy. At 7%, it has heavy vanilla tones and feels thicker.

This is perfect for a lot of bakery recipes because of its strong vanilla flavour without the thick custardy feel. Try out our Grandma’s Fudge recipe or our Cerious Mix to see just what this French Vanilla can add to chocolate treats.

This is much more of a raw vanilla flavour. It has a spicy edge and can have an earthiness that most vanilla vape flavours don’t have.

This is not creamy; it is much more like the hard, vanilla extract used in cooking.

It is best used to enhance other vanilla flavours in custards, creams and ice creams where the flavour can get lost.

A perfect example of this is in the delicious Fruit Cake recipe, where the Vanilla Bean brings a wonderful contrast to the fruity mix.

A sweet, mellow favourite. If you’re looking for something subtle that won’t overwhelm your mix, then this is the vanilla for you. It’s ideal for giving cake or dessert flavours a hint of vanilla without dominating the mx.

There is a great nutty undertone in this concentrate. Because of its sweetness, this almond smell is a little like marzipan.

The fluffy, almost marshmallowy sweetness of this divides opinion – whether you use it in your mix can depend upon how sweet your tooth is.  If you like your vape juice sweet, you can’t go wrong with it.

This is an extremely strong. 

It is bright and potent – we recommend mixing it at 0.1-0.75% as it is intense and you don’t need much to get the full effect.

Whereas Flavorah’s Vanilla Bean is dark and spicy, Smooth Vanilla is light and has a delightful fruitiness to it.

At higher percentages, there are traces of cherry and almond flavours in this concentrate that make it stand out from the crowd.

This is ideal for pairing with soft and sweet flavours like marshmallows, ice creams, frosting, bakery and creams. It adds a vanilla flavour without the creaminess of other vanillas or the spicy bitterness of vanilla bean flavours.

This is sweet and smooth and has the classic creamy taste.

We recommend mixing it at 0-5% and adding it to a range of other flavours – it’s very versatile.

It works particularly well with autumnal fruits for a deep, rich tasting e-liquis that’s full of warm and indulgent comfort. Try it with delicious Blackberry or (a slightly unusual choice but a good one) Cranberry, which sets off the sweetness and smoothness with its rich and tart taste.  If you want something a little lighter, try it out with Pomegranate for a sweeter taste.
For a total vanilla kick, try our recipe Vanilla Tobacco.  It’s ideal if you still want the taste of plant in your vape juice but you want something else as well to liven it up (after all, that’s the great thing about mixing your own e-liquid, right?).  This recipe makes a delicious flavour that has the warm and rich taste that makes your vape juice feel like a proper indulgence. Why not treat yourself?

This is a dark, vanilla extract flavour. It is not overly sweet and, at higher percentages, has a slight bitterness.

This is one of the most versatile with regard to mixing, but is not a great standalone.

It has a thin, almost watery body, so it doesn’t add any thickness or creaminess to the body of mixes. That makes it perfect for adding to your recipes without altering the texture of the mix. Ideal for dense bakery flavours or the heavier creams and custards.

There is a sweetness on the inhale, with a slightly floral top note. On the exhale, it is a darker and spicier vanilla extract flavour. We recommend mixing this at 0-2% as it is very strong.

We found that mixing this with sharp berries or tart flavours brings out the sourness of the vanilla extract flavour, so stick to sweeter recipes.

Try it out in our recipes Yo Yo Yoghurt 그리고 Smokey Bakery to get a taste of this classic vanilla flavour in dessert-flavour recipes.
To see what just a little of this flavour concentrate can do to hold its own against strong flavours, check out Tic Tac Tik Tok which is an energising aniseed and peppermint mixture.

Top tips for mixing your own e-liquids:

If you fancy giving some of these recipes a go but you haven’t mixed your own e-liquids before or you’re not very experienced at it, that’s not a problem – we have a simple, step-by-step guide How to Mix E-Liquid by Weight to help you do just that.  Or, if you’re more of a visual learner, you can watch our How to Make E-Liquid YouTube video which takes you through the whole process.

Although mixing the flavour is important, if you’re making your own vape juice, you’ll need to decide what nicotine strength you want.  This is one of the things that new vapers are most worried about, but it’s really easy. For some help to choose your nicotine strength, check out our Choosing Nicotine Levels blog post, or – if you already know how much nicotine you want – go straight to our E-Liquid Calculator to work out how to get it.

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