28 Brunch Cocktail Recipes That Break the Bloody Mary Mold


Southerners will take any excuse to entertain, gather, eat, drink, and be merry. So when a new hosting opportunity comes up on our radar, we’re likely to go all in. Whether or not you keep up with horseracing, a Kentucky Derby party is a thrill to host. Non-football fans will still serve a total touchdown of a tailgate spread. And even the most somber occasions like funerals are overflowing with comforting dishes in the South. Southerners have always known how to serve up a delectable breakfast, but when the concept of “brunch” really blew up, Southern entertainers were delighted. We’re guessing many Southern cooks have their brunch menus down to a science—prep the breakfast casserole the night before and pop it in the oven that morning, throw together a fruit salad, and have something sweet waiting in the freezer to be thawed overnight. Ta da! To drink, mimosas and Bloody Marys are the obvious choices. Though we have fun twists on both (we’re talking bourbon in your Bloody and an herbaceous update on your mimosa), we’re rethinking what “brunch cocktail” really means. And guess what? It means whatever you want it to! We’re offering up brunch cocktails that will complement any recipes you serve. Start the day with a refreshing spritzer alongside your egg casserole, or spice things up with our Southern-fied tequila sunrise. With festive options like our Pomegranate Mimosas or Cranberry Sangría Punch, your Christmas brunch cocktail needs are fulfilled, too. With recipes to fit your taste and alcohol preference, these creative brunch cocktails will become your house drink of choice. Break the Bloody Mary mold with our list of brunch cocktails that will have your friends calling you the neighborhood mixologist.

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