5 Mechanical Mod Safety Tips

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Thu 19 May 2016

With so many regulated mods around nowadays that can produce 200 watts or more, you would assume that mechanical mods are becoming a thing of the past. And you’d be right.


However, a lot of people still opt for a mechanical mod to take their first step into sub ohm vaping. This is because regulated mods are usually £30 and up, whereas our old friend China will happily sell you a mechanical mod clone for about 30p.


Because they are unregulated and have no safety features, mechanical mods are potentially dangerous if used incorrectly, and having a battery blow up in your face is not going to make you or the vaping industry look good.


With that in mind, here are our top five mechanical mod safety tips.


1: Buy good batteries

Battery safety is the most important thing in both mechanical and regulated mods. The difference being that most regulated mods know when their battery is weak whereas mechanical mods cannot. The key is to buy batteries with high amp limits. We recommend the LG HG2, the Samsung 25r and the Sony VTC4 and VTC5.


2: Know your amp draw

Sticking with batteries, it’s important to know what the amperage draw on your battery will be with the resistance of your coil. There’s no point in using a battery rated for 15 amps when you will be drawing 22. There are plenty of online tools to calculate your amp draw, such as vapecalc.com and steam-engine.org.


3: Check your atomizer

Using a shorted atomizer on a mechanical mod can cause battery failure. So it’s important to check the resistance on an ohmmeter or regulated mod before use.


4: Lock or remove batteries when travelling

If a regulated mod fires accidentally in your pocket or bag it will automatically cut off after 10 or 15 seconds and all will be fine. A mechanical mod on the other hand will not stop firing and bad stuff will happen. If your mod has a locking feature, make sure it is locked before travelling. If not, just take out the battery.


5: Only use suitable atomizers for hybrid mods

Hybrid mechanical mods have no top cap so that the atomizer can directly touch the battery. They are designed this way to reduce voltage drop. However, it is essential that your atomizer has a protruding 510 pin. If the battery were to touch any other part of the atomizer connection it would short out and damage the battery.


If you have any questions about mechanical mod safety, or anything else vaping related, feel free to get in touch at info@eliquidflavourconcentrates.co.uk.

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