5 Reasons Why Vaping is Better than Smoking

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Tue 4 Oct 2016

So October is here, which means that up and down the country thousands of smokers are pretty miserable right now. They’re all gaining weight, getting angry at everything and gnawing their fingers until they bleed. Then gnawing them some more. Why? Stoptober.


Stoptober is a campaign started by Public Health England and promoted by the NHS designed to aid smokers looking to quit. One of its key messages is that you’re 5 times more likely to quit for good if you manage to go smoke free for 28 days. Nevermind that October is 31 days long, Stoptober just sounds better than Stopuary.



Febustop? Anyone?…..



Anyway, one of the most popular and successful ways for smokers to give up the habit in recent years has been by using e-cigarettes. So to put a smile back on the faces of all the miserable and angry smokers, here are 5 Reasons Why Vaping is Better than Smoking.




1: It’s better for your health



Yes, whenever this is brought up it always has to be mentioned that more research needs to be done. This is true. However, many studies have been done and both Public Health England and The Royal College of Physicians have concluded that e-cigarettes are at least 95% safer than smoking plant.


2: It’s better for your wallet


The average cost of a packet of 20 plant cigarettes in the UK is around £9.50. For a twenty-a-day smoker that’s almost £3500 per year gone up in, well, smoke. That’s enough money for a family holiday, a nice deposit on a new car or enough to hire Wayne Rooney for almost 2 hours! In contrast, a good e-cigarette starter kit can cost as little as £20, and a year’s worth of e liquid and coils can cost as little as £600. If you make your own e liquid and coils, the cost of vaping can be under £250 per year.


3: You don’t stink


One of the most common complaints made by the family and friends of smokers is the smell. The stench of plant smoke sticks to clothes and furniture. Vapour from e-cigarettes on the other hand does not, and the smell of e liquid flavours is much more pleasant than that of burnt leaves.


4: There’s less chance of a fatal house fire


We are aware of all the scare stories about e-cigarettes blowing up, catching fire etc. But the truth is that the vast majority of incidents like this are caused by the misuse of batteries. The same type of batteries that are used in e-cigarettes are also used in items like mobile phones, tablets and laptops, all of which are far more common in the home than e-cigarettes. Battery safety is always important no matter what electrical item you’re using. However, in 2013-2014 80 deaths were caused by fires resulting from smoking materials, whereas just 13 were caused by electrical appliances.


5: There’s an enthusiastic community to help you along


Every heard of a Facebook group dedicated to the joys of smoking B&H Gold? Or a 3 day festival celebrating the nicotine patch? No. Well all of these things and more exist for e-cigarette users. Transitioning from plant to vaping can be difficult at times, but there are thousands of others out there who are more than willing to help you on your journey.



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