5 Ways To Steep E-Liquid Quickly


So you’ve finally run out of juice. You were hoping that the time wouldn’t come, but it has. You’ve frantically searched your house for any remaining e-liquid but there is none to be found, not even in the bathroom sitting next to your deodorants and hair products. There is only one thing left to do: order some more and wait patiently for it to arrive. We can do that, it’s easy right? The day arrives, you snatch the box from the weary delivery man’s hands and scribble something random down as a confirmation of delivery; we don’t have time to mess around! You completely destroy the box and hold the e-liquid bottle in your hands like its The One Ring, except it looks super cloudy and smells like your aftershave. Well, that or you have gone a step further and whipped up your own bottle of magic and you can’t wait to vape it. Whatever your reason for having a juice that tastes like burnt rubber, here are 5 crazy ways to steep e-liquid:

The Rice Method

This method does not require much effort and works well. Put some rice in a bowl large enough to fit your e-liquid bottle into and heat it up in the microwave. Heat it enough so that it is hot, but not so hot that you could give your hand third degree burns from touching it. Bury your bottle of juice in the rice and leave it there until the rice goes cold. If it’s good enough to vape, then you are clear to go. Otherwise, you can repeat this method until your e-liquid is worthy enough to fill your tank; or drip on to your atomizer, if that’s more your thing.

The Car Method

Fancy a drive around the block? I thought you might. While you’re at it, take some duct tape and stick your bottle on the rim of your car wheel. Make sure it’s nice and tight so that it doesn’t fly off halfway through your road trip. Now you can go and take your car for a spin, and you should be left with a shaken and very disturbed e-liquid that is either ready to be vaped, or ready for the next lap.

The Backpack Method

So you didn’t like the idea of driving around with a bottle of e-juice strapped to the side of your car. That’s okay, let’s go for a jog instead! Throw your e-liquid into a bag or pouch of your choice, put on your favourite running music, and go for a ten minute race to the park and back. When you return, your juice is likely to be mixed with a slight concussion. If it isn’t, you can either go outside for round two, or come to the realisation that fast steeping is far too exhausting and throw it into a dark drawer like the rest of us.

The Dishwasher Method

I haven’t tried this myself, but I have read that some people like to put their juice in the dishwasher for a few spins. It’s as simple as that! Although, you may want to put your e-liquid in a container or bag of some sort first, just as a precaution. This is very easy in the sense that you can check your juice, see if it’s ready, and if it isn’t then just press the button and let it cycle for another fifteen minutes.

The Bath Method

This is the most common of the impatient man’s steeping fixes. Simply fill up a cup or other variety of container with hot water, again not so hot that you will burn your hand off, and let your bottle sit and bathe until the water turns cold. Alternatively, you can first place your juice in a zip-lock bag if you are apprehensive about the plastic melting in the water and leaving you with a worse vape than you started with. This method can be rinsed and repeated, literally, until your juice standards are met. When all is said and done, there are many ways to steep e-liquid faster than it would ‘naturally’ do so. However, many vapers and mixologists would argue that you will never get a vape as good as the one that has been left in a cupboard for at least a week. So, if taste is something that you cannot compromise on, keep your juices in your steeping box and leave them until they are ready; there is no quick fix for the traditional ageing process.

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