Beer-infused charcoal brings Miller Lite flavor to BBQ

Miller Lite released its Beercoal, “the first-ever Miller Lite-infused charcoal” that can add the beer’s flavor to barbecue.

According to the original light brand, these beery briquets are made using genuine Miller Lite that is boiled down to a concentrate that is then used to coat the charcoal. Simply place the briquets in your normal BBQ and light them on fire.

When burned, this particular charcoal emits the flavor of Miller Lite, blanketing anything you’re cooking in a smoky beer blanket perfect for summer.

Summer is all about outdoor cookouts and get-togethers, which means plenty of Miller Time,” said Anne Pando, Miller Lite’s director of marketing.

Summer is also beer season, and as a light beer recognized for its flavor, it only seemed right to mix Miller Lite with the distinct and appreciated flavor that grilling provides.

According to the manufacturer, Miller Lite Beercoal is the ideal way to kick off a season-long celebration of beer, barbecuing, and hanging out with friends and family.

Miller Lite Beercoal four-pound packs went on sale nationwide on May 24 on for $11.99 plus delivery.

Miller Lite claims the charcoal will only be available while stocks last, but they will also give frequent online product drops until May 27.

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