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A natural ingredients company will soon make its way to the West Columbia community. Concentrated Active Ingredients & Flavors (CAIF) is located in California but will open a second location in West Columbia in early June.

The company produces natural ingredients to sell to companies in the food and pharmaceutical industries. CAIF decided to grow to the East Coast to cut down on shipping time.

“South Carolina is a perfect location,” said Emily Harvin, human resources for the company. “You have Savannah and Charleston ports; you have the airports nearby, so it’s very easy to ship materials in and out of.”

Harvin also said they chose to locate in South Carolina because the area is known to have great employees and customers.

The company plans to hire for customer service, sales, information technology, research and development lab positions, and quality assurance. Some of the positions will not require prior experience.

Along with providing new job opportunities, CAIF also plans to support the community and local businesses.

“There’s lots of businesses in the area that use our products and ingredients,” said Harvin. “We want to continue to foster their businesses as well as ours and continue to help all of us grow so that we can have more and more jobs in South Carolina.”

Concentrated Active Ingredients & Flavors is set to open the first or second week of June and will be located on Technology Drive, near the Columbia Metropolitan Airport.

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