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Our e-liquid calculator is easy to use and can tell you in seconds exactly what to mix into your vape juice.


Step 1:

The first thing you need is a recipe. Check out our wide range of e-liquid recipes and choose your favourite. Just click here. After you have chosen your recipe, you then need to decide what VG and PG ratio you wish to create, the nicotine strength and how much you wish to create.

Today I will be creating our own Blueberry Cupcake recipe. I want to create 60ml with a nicotine strength of 3mg and a ratio of 70% VG / 30% PG (this makes the e-liquid smoother and creates decent size clouds).

 blueberry cupcake recipe


Step 2:

The easiest step of all. Simply go to our e-liquid calculator. Click here.

Step 3:

So now the fun begins. All you must do now is input everything. So, to start off with move the slider to your desired ratio. For me, it will be 70% VG and 30% PG.


PG/VG Ratio

Step 4:

Now you need to think how much you want to make. I want to make 60ml, as this flavour is spot on.


 Amount to make

After you have entered the amount you wish to make, it will then ask you if you wish to add extra diluent. But what does this mean I hear you ask? Well, some people use extra diluent to thin out their mix, they use things such as alcohol or water. But I don’t wish to use any of that so I’m leaving it at 0%.

Step 5:

Here is the nicotine section. This can look a bit confusing for a first timer, but don’t worry you are in my hands. The first step is to select the 18mg button if you are using 18mg nicotine liquid, or set the strength of the liquid you are using.

Next you need to select what base your nicotine is in. Is it VG or PG based? For me its VG, which is a bit thicker than the PG based nicotine.

Lastly is the desired nicotine strength. How strong do you want you e-liquid to be? I want my e-liquid to be 3mg, which is the lowest you can buy from the shops with nicotine in.

Nicotine Strength

Step 6:

This bit is simple, all you must do is input the flavour percentages from your found recipe. For me, I will have to input Sweetner – TFA at 3%, Blueberry (wild) – TFA at 10% and Vanilla Cupcake (DX) – TFA at 7%. All our flavours here at Make My Vape are PG based, but if you happen to be using VG based flavours just click the VG button. It’s that simple. (Note: TFA is the brand of flavour concentrate, visit our site for an array of different flavour concentrates and brands)


Step 7:

Now your recipe is ready to view. Its so simple to follow, the calculator has broken down each element to put into your e-liquid. All you must do now is make it by following the given amounts. The exact measurements can be found you the calculator page and will look like this…


There are two options for measuring out the ingredients. You can either make it by measuring in ml, or by measuring it by weight in grams. For me, I will be doing it by weight as it saves me a lot of time and it’s not as messy. If you wanted to create your liquid by weight you can hier klicken and purchase a set of weighing scales.

So now you should have a mixing cup or the bottle you are going to be using. Just start with putting the PG amount in and work your way down the list. Once you have done all that your liquid is finished.

Congratulations! You have just successfully made your own D.I.Y e-liquid. Just remember to let it steep for a few days, shake regularly and leave in a cool dark place.

Now put your feet up and wait to vape your own e-liquid.

I hope all of this helps and if you are after more information or guidance, check out the rest of our blog and our videos. But if you still have questions that you need answers for, just send us over an email.


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