Perfect Vape Flavours For Summer – Make My Vape


Summer is here, and I want something I can vape all day and all night. A couple of weeks ago, I was mixing with some of our newer flavour concentrates, and tried a whole bunch of juice. But the one liquid that has constantly been in my tank for the last couple of weeks is H’berg type. The recipe is simple, and the juice is so good, I have settled on my All Day Vape for the summer. It’s going to take something good to make me change my mind.

The mix

I am vaping Pope and Brewer’s Hberg type at 15%, with 3mg nicotine in a 70VG/30PG liquid. To make 50ml, using 72mg nicotine in VG: PG – 7.5ml VG – 32.9ml Nicotine – 2.1ml H’berg type concentrate – 7.5ml

The vape

This concentrate has a really strong smell to it, and as soon as I had mixed my liquid, I had a sniff and it smelt like it was going to need a long steep. Impatient and undeterred, I loaded the tank up straight away. It was pretty good right off the bat, but clearly needed a bit of time. Luckily, my backup All Day Vape, Fields of Home, saw me through a couple of days steeping time. Three days later, the smell is still immensely strong, but the vape is much better. A lovely fruity base with just enough menthol coolness but not a huge throat hit. I mixed some at 20% as well, and a few people preferred it, but the menthol was a bit overpowering for me at that strength. The only other adjustment I might make is cutting the nicotine down, because I am vaping a LOT of this right now! Hat, deckchair, trashy novel, and my All Day Vape for the summer in my device. That’s me happy ’till autumn. Let us know what you are vaping this summer. If you have recipes you want to share, post them below, and we will put the best ones on the site – please let us know what name (if any) you would like us to credit the recipe to.


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