Top 10 Autumn Vape Flavour Concentrates 2019 – Make My Vape


These delicious flavours are warming and satisfying. They’re perfect for that early autumn vaping, when the weather is just turning chilly and you want a comforting flavour in your e-cigarette.

We’ve chosen our favourite autumn flavour concentrates for you to choose from. If you want to try them, check out the suggested recipes to help get the best from every flavour.

  1. Butter Pecan is a deliciously smooth flavour. It’s a great standalone mixed at 7% but it’s also incredibly versatile. Try our warming recipe Prancer Pecan Pie for a rich and sweet flavour with a hint of nut and spice. It’s really simple to make so even if you’re new to DIY e-liquids, you can mix the perfect pecan pie.

  2. A perfectly warm and spicy flavour, Cinnamon Ceylon FA is perfect for adding a little spice to bakery and dessert recipes. Make the indulgently creamy recipe Crazy Creams for a vape that will satisfy you with its blend of dessert flavours and rich creams.

  3. The sweet taste of classic Danish pastry with cinnamon and icing. This flavour concentrate can be mixed as a standalone at 5-10% and you’ll never want to give it up. If you want to add a little extra, try pairing it with some berries for a fruity twist. Our Blueberry Muffin recipe is really easy to make and totally worth it.

  4. Another delicious bakery flavour for you to indulge in as the autumn creeps nearer. Get the gorgeous taste of Danish pastry without the calories with this flavour concentrate in your vape. It’s got a sticky and sweet flavour, just like the real thing. If you want to make it a truly indulgent treat, add a little Apple Filling to bring out that warming winter flavour.

  5. A true-to-taste hazelnut flavour that’s ideal for blending in recipes. It has a lightly roasted taste that makes it rich and slightly sweet. It’s great in bakery recipes and blended with plants and cream flavours. For a really simple recipe that’ll hit the spot and warm you up this winter, make Cranberry Brownies.

  6. This is an ideal effervescent drink flavour. On its own, it’s bright and sweet so you can feel chic whenever you vape it. In a recipe, it adds sparkle and fizz so it’s great with berry mixes. For a delicious fruit punch taste, try Glass of Wine. Give yourself a little ‘me’ time in the evenings.

  7. A gorgeous apple flavour with a blend of spices, this is a flavour that you’ll want to add to any recipe. Mix with pastry flavours and cream flavours for an autumn treat. Our rich recipe, Apple Bourbon, is easy to make and perfect for those cold winter evenings.

  8. This is a sweet and buttery taste, just like home-made custard. When you’re looking for a flavour concentrate to add to dessert flavours or to add a creaminess to another flavour, Vanilla Custard Supreme is one you should go for. For a divine e-liquid flavour, mix Heavenly Cake. It’s easy to make and is rich and creamy.

  9. For a silky texture, add Vanilla Whipped Cream to your mix. It adds body and sweetness so you can get the perfect taste from any recipe. Try blending it with luscious fruits to get a rich and fresh tasting e-liquid. It goes particularly well with sweet citrus flavours, like Sweet Tangerine.

  10. This is a rich-tasting waffle flavour with a subtle buttery, vanilla taste and a dash of maple syrup. It’s got everything you need to enjoy the taste of dessert any time you like. You’ll be amazed at how complex this flavour is when you try it in the scrumptious Banana and Marshmallow Waffles recipe. It is everything it promises to be.


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