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So, you’ve stumbled across the first entry into the DIY Drops series. Welcome! Here I will be sharing my adventures in DIY e-liquid mixing, building on my own skills, and perhaps even pass on some knowledge for you to take away and make an awesome mix! This week, we’re taking a look at the ‘Dragon Ball’ e-liquid I made just a few weeks ago. This was the first time I ever tried to come up with an e-liquid resembling ‘premium’ quality.

The Plan

For any of you who have seen the show, you already know what a ‘Dragon Ball’ is; it’s a yellow ball with red stars on it that does super magical stuff. I came up with this name before I decided what ingredients would go into it, so rather than thinking about all of the possible flavour combinations in the world, I could focus on flavours that match the theme of ‘Dragon Ball’. The idea came to me instantly- strawberry and banana; a classic combination that has been tried and tested. However, I needed something to give it a unique twist and a personalised flavour… I eventually decided on bubblegum and a hint of vanilla. This seemed like a solid idea, and I was curious as to how it would taste, so I went on to create a 5ml sample of awesomeness.

The Recipe

Here is the recipe for the sample that I made:

  • PG-VG: 30/70
  • 2mg Nicotine
  • 8% TFA Bubblegum
  • 5% TFA Ripe Banana
  • 4% CAP Sweet Strawberry
  • 3% CAP Vanilla Custard

All of these ingredients can be found at the Make My Vape store. Recommended steeping time: 4-5 days You can use an e-liquid calculator if you are new to mixing and are unsure what to do with this. There are many online, but I use our own calculator; it’s really simple and comprehensive. You can find it here.

The Method

The method I used for this mix is the same method I use most of the time. It works well for me, however I’m always experimenting with new ideas! All I need is:

  • 1 x glass beaker
  • 1 x 10ml syringe
  • 1 x 1ml syringe
  • 1 x 10ml bottle with cap and label
  • 1 x ultrasonic cleaner (not required)

The glass beaker is the most useful item in this list. Why? Because I recently discovered that it’s actually easier to pour ingredients into a beaker and draw them with a syringe, then empty the excess back into it’s original container than to try and force my syringe into all kinds of bottles at weird angles and likely cross-contaminate them. The beaker is amazing. As for flavour concentrates, you can measure them in drops, however I prefer to just bite the cap off and stick the 1ml syringe straight in there. I draw all of the ingredients precisely, using the 1ml syringe if I need to, and transfer them straight into the 10ml bottle; you can use something bigger if you are planning on making a large batch of e-liquid. Once all of my ingredients are together, I screw the cap on to the bottle and throw it into the ultrasonic for five minutes while I design a cool label to place on it. The ultrasonic cleaner is optional, and I’m still not sure if I prefer my e-liquid with or without it.

The Result

The ‘Dragon Ball’ is now steeped and the first thing I notice is the orange tinge; in fact, my e-liquid is very orange. However, I made the mistake of adding a little too much PG, and I’d say that my liquid is more of a 50/50 than a 30/70. Due to the fact that all of the flavours are carried in PG, the colour is more saturated than it should be. The smell of ‘Dragon Ball’ hits me with strong bubblegum and banana right away; almost overpoweringly so. However, this could be due to the extra PG in my mix. I can smell a hint of strawberry, however the vanilla seems to be masked by the banana. There’s just one thing left to do now: fill up my tank and give it a vape. The flavour is quite strong in my e-liquid, likely due to the higher saturation of PG. The bubblegum and banana flavours are immediately noticeable but pleasant, and I can taste an undertone of strawberry; I can’t seem to taste any vanilla on the inhale. On exhale, a sweet hint of vanilla can be tasted, but the nicotine is a little too harsh for my liking. Overall, I’d give this juice a solid 7/10. I’m disappointed that I made a silly mistake with the PG, however I may decide to revisit this recipe again and write a more accurate review of the juice as it was originally planned. I’d encourage you to try this juice for yourself and comment below what you think of it! You can find all of the ingredients for the recipe at the Make My Vape store. Whether you enjoyed this e-liquid recipe or thought it was crazy and gross, share it with your friends with the social media buttons below!

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