Flavour Shots: The Future of DIY E Liquid?

Flavour Shots: The Future of DIY E Liquid? thumbnail

Wed 1 Mar 2017

For as long as vaping has been around, vapers have been making their own e liquid. Why? Because it’s really easy and only involves four ingredients. Also, it can save a whole lot of cash.


However, many vapers have been put off making their own e liquid because what they see is syringes, bottles everywhere, mess and a time consuming process. But is this all about to change?


Recently, we introduced our first Flavour Shot to the ELFC website. Bastard Sauce by The Custard Bastard is a 120ml bottle containing enough flavour concentrate to make up the entire bottle. It really is as simple as adding your required amount of Nicotine Shots and topping up the bottle with VG and/or PG. Simple.


So are Bottle Shots the future of DIY e liquid? No one knows for certain, but here’s why they may be about to play a major role in the market.


First of all, what is a Bottle Shot?


The Bottle Shot concept is a simple one: You take a large bottle and add enough flavour concentrate to make up the total amount. The user can then add their chosen amount of nicotine, VG and PG to fill the bottle. For example, our Bastard Sauce Bottle Shot is 120ml and contains 24ml of flavour concentrate. If you then wanted to make your e liquid at 3mg strength nicotine and 80VG/20PG, all you’d need to do is add two Nicotine Shots (20ml) and top the rest of the bottle off with VG (76ml).


What makes Bottle Shots better than traditional flavour concentrates?


A lot of people will argue that having flavour concentrates, PG, VG and nicotine separately and then combining them in a different bottle is still the best way of making your own e liquid. And we do have a lot of sympathy with this argument. However, what may make Flavour Shots so popular is their ease of use. You don’t need a DIY Calculator or syringes, all you do is pour everything into the provided bottle, shake it up and, well, that’s it…..


Why Bottle Shot may appeal to the mass market


Buying pre-mixed e liquid is still the preferred choice for the vast majority of vapers. However, due to the growing popularity of sub ohm vaping, DIY e liquid has become a lot more common, and it will most like become even more popular due to the upcoming TPD regulations. These regulations will limit nicotine containing e liquid to 10ml bottles, meaning that the 30ml, 60ml and 100ml bottles of e liquid that vapers have been used to will disappear from the market. We know that some e liquid companies are planning on introducing zero nicotine e liquid along side Nicotine Shots, but the price of these will still be much higher than DIY e liquid using Flavour Shots and won’t give the user choice when it comes to nicotine strength and PG/VG ratio.


You can check out our range of flavour shots.


If you have any questions about mixing with Bottle Shots, feel free to get in touch at info@eliquidflavourconcentrates.co.uk


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