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Back in the day when vaping first started becoming popular, the options for hardware were limited. You could pick up what we now call ‘pen devices’ or ‘cig-a-likes’ which the sole purpose of was to mimic the act of smoking. Perfect for kicking the habit, easy to use but not super satisfying with minimal flavour.Suddenly, Sub-Ohm vaping hit the market and everything changed. Higher power, massive clouds and immense flavour. But how does it work?

Coil Resistance

Sub-Ohm basically means that the coils resistance is less than 1 Ohm. This in turn causes more charge to flow through the coil, needing more amps to supply current. The coil heats up to a much larger degree than standard pen devices, giving you more vapour production and better flavour experience. Because Sub-Ohm vaping requires more power, tonnes of high end and expensive devices started coming out of the woodwork and now most sophisticated hardware out there is Sub-Ohm.

Benefits of Sub OHM Vaping

Cloud Production

Cloud chasers will love Sub-Ohm vaping. The increased power produced by Sub-Ohm devices delivers clouds of epic proportions compared to standard mods. Pair your Sub-Ohm device with a high VG liquid and you are good to go. Just be mindful of others as this is not exactly the most discreet way to vape.

Intense Flavour

Get the best out of your favourite DarkStar flavour. Sub-Ohm vapers will experience more intense flavour due to the sheer power output and vapour production. Generally speaking, you are more likely to go through more e-liquid with a high powered Sub-Ohm device, so consider making the switch to Shortfills or DIY e-liquid like DarkStar Bottle Shots which come in higher volumes to save some cash!

Things to remember

Decrease your nicotine content – If you use high nicotine e-liquid in your non Sub-Ohm device, make sure you decrease your nicotine content before making the switch as the increased power will cause harshness. Most Sub-Ohm vapers use lower than 6mg nicotine content.We hope this blog helps clear up some questions about Sub-Ohm vaping. For more tips, tricks and information from the DarkStar team, check out the rest of our blog.

Stay Cloudy

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