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Fri 19 Feb 2021

When people are giving up smoking, it can be difficult trying to get over the hit that comes with the nicotine in a cigarette.

Different people want a different experience from vaping. Some are happy to form clouds and want to enjoy the hundreds of different flavours that comes with it. But for some, that throat hit is exactly what makes vaping worthwhile.

If you fall under this category, nicotine shots, or nic shots, are an invaluable tool in a vaper’s arsenal that can help enhance the experience for you.

What are they?


The need for nic shots came about through the Tobacco Products Directive in 2016, which does not allow you to purchase nicotine-containing e-liquids in bottles larger than 10ml.

What this meant was that if you wanted your e-liquid to contain nicotine, you had to buy it in very small quantities, which would prove expensive for some people, and cumbersome for others in having to fiddle around with small bottles every time you wanted to vape.

This is when the nic shot came in.

With suppliers providing a 10ml nic shot, vapers could then buy 50ml of e-liquid and mix them together to provide the required combination. It would prove to be a more convenient way for vapers to enjoy the experience while staying within the law.


How to mix it


Most nic shots come in 18mg but that is diluted when mixed with the e-liquid shortfill, creating a 3mg or 6mg hit in their e-liquid.

Nic shots will also contain various VG/PG ratios – an ingredient that is also used within e-liquids.

More PG ratios are ideal for more powerful devices, whereas you should look for something that is more of a 50:50 combination if you have a smaller device.

If you wanted a 3mg e-liquid, you would need to add a 10ml nicotine shot to a 50ml e-liquid to create the desired effect.

If you’re good at maths, you’ll realise that you should add half the nic shot to a 25ml e-liquid and two nic shots to a 100ml e-liquid. 

For a 6mg e-liquid, add one nic shot to a 25ml bottle of e-liquid, two nic shots to a 50ml bottle, and four shots to a 100ml shortfill.

Any more than 6mg of nicotine in your e-liquid and it is unlikely to actually fill in your shortfall bottle. The amount of liquid could also decrease the strength.


Enjoy safely!


Once you have mixed your nic shot with your e-liquid, you can enjoy vaping to your heart’s content, giving you the hit you want safely.

ELFC is proud to provide a range of online nic shots for you to buy.

ELFC was founded to provide DIY vapers with an easy and convenient online shop that supplies the best flavour concentrates from some of the most renowned e-liquid producers and flavour houses across the globe.

For more information on our products or if you want to buy nicotine shots online, just look through our variety of DIY Kits, Drop Shots, Flavour Shots, Bottles and Supplies. 

Give us a call on 01924 792217 to learn more.


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