Où acheter la meilleure saveur de fruits asiatiques avec les meilleurs certificats de goût et de qualité

As we all know, a great E-cigarette liquid/juice depends on a great recipe, and the most significant part of eliqud recipe is the flavor concentrate. The eliquid mixers from Europe, America and so on western world have the best cream flavors, their ejuice of dessert&cream loved by millions of vapers. In the ancient eastern, Asian flavors are wildly known for their various fruit flavors. But where to buy the best Asian fruit flavors?


Magical Flavour is a professional flavor concentrate manufacturer, specializing in food-grade flavor concentrate for E-cigarette liquid/juice manufacturing. Magical Flavour has more than 500 kinds of flavor concentrate with special taste in 10 different types, the fruit taste flavor concentrate is their feature. The fruit flavors of Magical Flavour have pure and rich fruity taste, without any uncomfortable chemical smell. Magical Flavour are famous for their Asian fruit style flavor concentrate especially Malaysian style with cool and sweet taste:

Malaysia Strawberry of natural strawberry aroma with cool taste,

Malaysia Mango of ripe mango aroma with moderate cool taste,

Malaysia Grape Mix of strong grape aroma with long-lasting cool taste,

Malaysia Blackcurrant Mix of rich blackcurrant aroma with exciting cool taste.

That’s why Malaysian fruit flavors of Magical Flavour can be one of the best Asian fruit flavors.


Each Asian fruit flavor of Magical Flavour has been tested over hundreds of times by their well-experienced flavorist team and clients from all over the world to ensure a perfect taste before they are produced. Factory of Magical Flavour covers in 1500 square meters with GMP workshop labs with advanced Research & Test equipment and 100,000 level dust-free clean room. Magical Flavour is compliant with ISO22000, HACCP, Halal and FDA, etc. Those certificates to guarantee all flavors including Asian fruit flavors of Magical Flavour produced in best quality.


To keep developing real Asian fruit flavors for clients, Magical Flavour attends many Vape Expo. Particularly in Japan Vape Expo 2019, Magical Flavour team communicated with flavorist/ mixer/ brewer from Asian area, absorbed their taste and ideas in new developing Asian fruit flavors. In the future, the greatest Vape Expo like MIVAS in Kuala Lumpur of Malaysia and Vape Fair in Jakarta of Indonesia, Magical Flavour will be there as usual, sharing their unique Asian fruit flavors with the world.


Magical Flavour who has the best Asian fruit flavors, the fantastic taste and excellent quality of their Asian fruit flavors are guaranteed by their advanced standard factory and convincing certificates. Just try now.

Learn more from Magical Flavour official site: https://www.magicalflavour.com/

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