Guide to Mixing with Kaveman Juice Flavour Concentrates


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Mon 23 Jan 2017

Kaveman Juice are the latest brand to join us here at ELFC, and their range of diverse and low price flavour concentrates have already proven very popular with our customers. That’s why we have decided to write this guide for those new to DIY mixing, and for those experienced DIY mixers new to the Kaveman Juice brand.

How much flavour concentrate should you use?

Kaveman Juice recommend that you mix their concentrates at 15%. This means that a 30ml bottle of their flavour concentrate will make 200ml of e liquid! However, you can use more or less depending on your preference.

What PG/VG ratio do we suggest?

Whatever you like! Is always the answer to this question. The great thing about DIY e liquid is that you can make your e liquid however you want. Some people prefer a high PG mix for more throat hit, and others prefer a higher VG mix to produce more and smoother vapour. But if you want to replicate the Kaveman Juice standard mix, you’ll need to make your e liquid at 70VG/30PG. Check our our DIY Calculator to come up with your perfect recipe!

How long should e liquids be left to steep?

As always, this depends on which flavour concentrate you are using. Kaveman Juice does suggest a steep time for each of their flavours. Some, such as Blush and Ooga Booga, take as little as 7 days. Whereas sweeter and desert based concentrates, such as Strawbz Kustad and Choc Doh, can take up to 6 weeks.

Some Kaveman Juice Recipes:

10ml DIY E Liquid Recipe 50PG/50VG 12mg:

Kaveman Juice Flavour Concentrate: 1.5ml

72mg Nicotine Concentrate in VG: 1.7ml

Propylene Glycol: 3.5ml

Vegetable Glycerine: 3.3ml


30ml DIY E Liquid Recipe 70VG/30PG 6mg:

Kaveman Juice Flavour Concentrate: 4.5ml

72mg Nicotine Concentrate in VG: 2.5ml

Propylene Glycol: 4.5ml

Vegetable Glycerine: 18.5ml


60ml DIY E Liquid Recipe 70VG/30PG 3mg:

Kaveman Juice Flavour Concentrate: 9ml

72mg Nicotine Concentrate in VG: 2.5ml

Propylene Glycol: 9ml

Vegetable Glycerine: 39.5ml


You can check out the entire range of Kaveman Juice flavour concentrates.

If you have any questions about mixing with Kaveman Juice flavour concentrates, feel free to get in touch at [email protected]

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