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Thu 30 Sep 2021

You may have noticed that we have recently released a range of low cost Longfills here at ELFC. You may not have come across the concept before, so here is a handy little guide on what they’re all about.

So what is a Longfill?

A Longfill is a 60ml bottle containing a 20 ml blend of flavour concentrate and VG (50VG/50PG). Longfills can be used to make a variety of nicotine strengths.

How do I use a Longfill?

You can use a Longfill to make 3, 6, 10 and 12mg nicotine strengths. The strength you choose will determine what’s included in your Longfill kit. For all the kits you will receive a combination of nicotine free booster shots and/or nicotine shots. Simply add all the supplied booster and nicotine shots to the 60ml bottle and shake. You will have nothing left over when the Longfill is mixed.

Why should I use a Longfill?

Longfills are suitable for all vapers. Sub ohm vapers can choose the 3mg high VG option, and mouth to lung vapers can use the higher nicotine kits to get a satisfying hit. We designed the Longfills to be a better alternative to the disposables that are currently on the market. You can see why we don’t like disposables here. One of the main reasons is the cost. Speaking of which…

How much do Longfills cost?

Here is a cost breakdown for our Longfills:

Longfill Only: £3.49

3mg Kit: £4.99

6mg Kit: £5.49

10mg (Nicotine Salt) Kit: £5.49

12mg Kit: £5.49

Why are Longfills so cheap?

At ELFC we believe that vapers should be able to have high quality e liquids that don’t break the bank. Clearly some e-liquid companies charge too much. But don’t be fooled by the low prices of our Longfills. The flavours are tried and tested and the product is of the highest standard.


View our range of Longfills here.


If you require any more information about our Longfills feel free to contact us di sini.

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