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What’s the strangest flavour you’ve ever vaped?

When I say strange, I don’t mean bad – I mean weird and wonderful at the same time.

We have a huge range of flavour concentrates and we definitely know the favourites and the old reliable ones that vapers go back to over and over again.

But we also know how to mix some of the more unusual flavours. Not everyone does – not even some of the most experienced mixers. That’s understandable since people tend to stick to what they know, yet it means you’re missing out on some fabulous flavours just because you’re not sure of them.

Here, I will take you through some of our favourite ‘weird and wacky’ flavour concentrates.

So whether you’re an expert mixer looking to add something special to your repertoire or whether you’re new to mixing your own e-liquid, you can use this guide to get started.


Weird and Wonderful flavours

All of these flavours are used to enhance recipes and add depth to mixes rather than as standalones.

This adds depth and really brings out ‘green’ flavours.  It even works well with plant flavour concentrates as it gives them a harder edge without overshadowing them.

The inhale is sweet and dense, and the exhale is dense with an earthier sweetness to it.  This has the barest hint of sharpness to it which pairs really well with citruses. It brightens Lime flavours without making them taste sour.

It has a light throat hit.

At 3%, this has a definite marshmallow and caramel sweetness.

In a mix, this works well with sweet and sour flavours.  With very sweet fruits like Frambos atau Persik, it brings out the greenness and makes them taste under-ripe, which is a matter of personal preference.  We recommend mixing this with Rhubarb as it gives it a huge amount of depth and brings out the freshness and keeping it sweet.

Use Lovage Root sparingly as it is definitely designed to be added to a mix to bring out the other flavours around it.

It can take a while to steep so give it 1-2 weeks or shake it up regularly.

If you’re looking for a delicious recipe to test this flavour out in, then try Posh Spice.  It’s sweet with a slightly sharp tang, like rhubarb and apple crumble with cream.

This is an extremely juicy flavour concentrate.  It is authentically sweet without being overly sugary and it has the sweet, fresh taste of tropical fruits with hints of citrus and ripe pear.

This Cactus is also known as prickly pear, the fruit that grows on a cactus, and has a refreshing and juicy taste.  It has a very subtle cooling effect at the end of the exhale which makes it seem even fresher.

Once you’ve tried Cactus, you’ll be adding it to all of your mixes.  It has a real fan base among DIY vapers, who use it as a sweetener and to counteract dryness. You can also use it to brighten up other fruit vape juices.

If you want a place to start with this, try our recipe Cool Cactus which showcases its fresh, fruity taste to perfection.  If you’re a fan of cool, sweet menthol, give our Dessert Dude recipe a go.

This is true-to-taste, just like condensed milk, so it is very sweet.

Condensed Milk FA is potent, so use it sparingly.  You don’t need much to get the full effect.

This flavour concentrate has a milky cream flavour, but is not overly sweet.

It is designed to be an addition to mixtures rather than a standalone.  It adds body to cake and dessert vape juices, so try it out in our recipes The Bee’s Knees atau One Love, One Pie.

This has a definite taste of black liquorice. It is not a hard taste, however, and has a fluffy and creamy taste.  The Aniseed taste is smooth but unmistakable so for those of you who like aniseed, this is a muted and sweet taste that won’t overwhelm your tastebuds.

Because of its creamy texture, you can use it to add flavour and body to your mixes.

You can pair this with so many flavours: dark fruits, citrus, chocolates, caramel, and even some mints.  Some vapers use it to cool your mixes instead of menthols.

Try Aniseed/ Anise FA out in the minty Tic Tac Tik Tok or the creamy biscuit recipe Sweet Creams Are Made Of This.

This is a true-to-taste carrot flavour.  One thing that makes it stand out is that it is so realistic and doesn’t have the artificial, bakery sweetness of other carrot e-juices.  It is moderately sweet but it has a slight earthy taste in the top notes.

This has a fairly harsh throat hit, especially on the end of the exhale.  If you’re adding this to a bakery mix, though, that should fade.

Our top tip: try it with Ginger. The ginger complements the sweetness of the carrot and spices it up, overshadowing any earthy notes in the carrot.

Mix your own delicious Carrot Cake flavour with this. It is ideal for bakery mixes because it does not overly sweeten an already sweet mixture.  If you prefer something more fruity and fresh, try Carrot mixed with tropical fruits in our Carr(ot)ibean recipe.

This is an intense flavour.  It is bold and doesn’t have the thin or chemical-like taste of some Clove flavour concentrates.  It has a dry texture and a warmth to it, like wood-spice.

There is a reasonable throat hit with this Clove e-liquid.

Because it is so potent, we recommend using this at 0-0.5%.  Since it’s a spice flavour, it’s designed to add seasoning to a mix rather than be vaped by itself.  At high percentages, it will overwhelm other flavours so keep it low.

This Clove works particularly well with dry, nutty bakery flavours.

If you want to try something a little different, add a hint of this to pisang dan Orange.

This is an excellent flavour to pair with plant flavours.  Check out our Chewbacco atau Orange Clove recipes for inspiration.

This Fig is sweet and dark.  It is a true-to-taste fig flavour without the brightness and fruitiness of other Fig flavour concentrates.  It is moderately dense with a deep sweetness.

This is perfect to accentuate dry, nutty mixtures, or to add depth to something already rich and sweet.

The inhale is spicy and sharp, whereas the exhale is dense with a dark fruit sweetness (almost like a date).

There is no throat hit with Flavorah’s Fig.

The richness of this flavour means it will not be overwhelmed by creamier flavours like Cokelat atau Yoghurt.  Experienced vapers have recommended pairing this with plant flavours as the rich and dark sweetness complements the smoky plant.

Fig is an extremely strong flavour.  We recommend mixing it at 0.5-3% as it has a clear flavour and, at the top end of this, it begins to take on an earthy and musky note so it’s a matter of suiting your taste.

Try it for yourself in our recipe Figgy Stardust.

Yakima Hops is a hop flavour with a distinctive aromatic pine note.  It has subtle citrus and floral hints that create depth.

It is earthy and can be dry unless steeped for 1-2 weeks.  It is a bright and light flavour that can be paired with lots of other flavours. Mix it with florals, earthy flavours or citrus, but our top tip is to try it with tropical fruits.

It is strong so mix it at 0-3% for the best results.

It has a mild throat hit and is slightly dry.

This is a really good flavour to add to bakery recipes to give them an aromatic boost without altering the body of the mixture. Our recipe Fruit Flex blends it with those delicious tropical fruits for a sweet and refreshing vape liquid.

This Avocado has a thick, smooth body and the avocado taste comes through mostly in the top notes.  It has a slightly under-ripe taste that gives it more bite. In the top notes, it has a slightly fruity hint and, in the bottom notes, a light nuttiness.

The creamy, buttery base means this can be mixed well with other creamy flavours. Try it with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream atau Kelapa for a sweet, smooth treat.

Mix this at 0-5% to get a rich base flavour with a bright, fresh avocado taste.

This has a light throat hit.  It is a bit dry by itself but it was designed to be added to a mix.

Check out how versatile Flavorah’s Avocado is by mixing our bakery recipe Do-nut Miss This.

Jungle Juice is a mixed fruits and menthol flavour concentrate.  The menthol is potent and cooling, but there are hints of melon and berries beneath it.  It is an exotic flavour that has the sweet fruits and slight cooling sensation to remind you of an iced cocktail on a tropical beach.

Steep for longer to bring out those fruit flavours. Try mixing it with Mangga atau Frambos to accentuate that fruitiness and make a sweet, refreshing vape liquid.

If you want a sweet treat, why not make our recipe Candy Delight?  Or, if you want something more fruity, try Kool Fruit for your summer vape.

This is a spicy cinnamon flavour.

The flavour mostly comes through in the top notes, although the body has a subtle hint of cinnamon-stick which is slightly sour. In a mixture, this shouldn’t be a problem. This is not a sweet bakery cinnamon but a more natural cinnamon.

There is a bit of a throat hit, which you’d expect from cinnamon.

Mixes where Cinnamon Ceylon FA would really work better than other cinnamon flavours is in sweet recipes, as it gives you the cinnamon spice taste without any body.  It’s also great in cocktail or drink-flavoured mixes for the same reason.

We recommend you mix this at 1-3% as over this percentage it will start to drown out other flavours.

Pair with Spicy Apple atau Cookie for a warming treat.

Check out our Crazy Creams recipe for a rich and creamy tasting vape juice with a hint of spice.

A strong coconut flavour with pineapple, this is sweet and creamy.  It tastes like a tropical cocktail sipped on golden sands – a perfect e-liquid for summer.

This works well as a standalone as it has the blend of sweet coconut and tangy pineapple, but it can be mixed with a wide range of other flavours.  Pair it with cream flavours to enhance the smoothness or add a touch of Cherry Red to get that cocktail feeling.

Cocopilada is potent so we recommend mixing at 1-3%.

This has a very light throat hit after steeping.

Try making our simple Cocopilada Cookies recipe. It may sound strange but the sweet cookies and creamy coconut go well together and the pineapple and lime give it an extra boost of exotic flavour.

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