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As you may know, Tuesday 14th May is the beginning of Eurovision.

Whether you are a die-hard Eurovision fan and watch the whole thing at a Eurovision party, or whether you only tune in for the highlights, we hope you’ll mark the occasion with a Eurovision vape flavour.

Choosing Eurovision flavours was not easy.

What makes a Euro-vape flavour?

In the end, we decided to try out some of our favourite flavour concentrates from European companies.  Italy is one of the founding participants of the Eurovision Song Contest and is responsible for the entire Eurovision format – with a contribution like that, we felt it only fair to try some Italian flavour concentrates by FA.  Poland has been in the Grand Final of Eurovision every year since 2014, so we thought we’d suggest some of our favourite Inawera flavour concentrates to see if they make it to the Grand Final of your e-liquid.

Take a look at some of our recommendations for your Eurovision-time vape.

This sparking wine flavour concentrate is the perfect effervescent drink flavour.  It has a hint of celebration to it, so why not get it ready to celebrate The UK’s Eurovision entry in the Grand Final?

Try pairing this with OJ Flavour Concentrate o Orange Mandarin for a Bucks Fizz feel.  It’s the perfect way to celebrate.  If you haven’t decided whether to watch Eurovision yet, you can vape this while you’re making your mind up.

We recommend mixing at 2-4% for a bright flavour.

Try mixing it with berry flavours like Strawberry o Lampone for a sweet, fresh twist. Our Glass of Wine recipe is easy and delicious.  Or, if you want something a little sweeter, try Sparkling Apple and Peach Wine.


This true-to-taste dragon fruit flavour is perfect to be mixed with other tropical fruits.  

Its slight pear taste can be accentuated by mixing it with Pear, or you can bring out the tangy side by mixing it with Kiwi.

To make a tropical punch vape juice that is fresh and sweet, mix Pitaya with Mango e White Peach FA.  The juicy Pitaya makes this a refreshing vape. Or, for a richer and thicker feel, try our Mango Cream Cake ricetta.

Mix at 1-2% as it’s potent and flavoursome.


This is a natural just-ripe pear flavour.  It has a juicy body and a hint of floral peel.

This is not an overly-sweet pear, it has more of an earthy, realistic taste.  

It is strong so mix at 2-4% for the perfect pear taste.

There is a moderate throat hit.

It is ideal for adding to bakery and dessert mixes to get a real pear flavour without sweetening the mix too much.  For a sweet, candy fruit taste then try our Hard Boiled Apple ricetta.


Once you try this, it will become a definite favourite.

This is a real peach flavour but it holds back on the sweetness so you get a fresh, ripe taste.

There is no throat hit and this is smooth to vape.

If you want to add body to this White Peach, try mixing it with Pear o Mango, although keep the Mango percentage low otherwise it will dominate the peach. For something a little different (but delicious), try pairing White Peach with Fig for a rich and fruity flavour.

This is the ideal peach to add to Peaches and Cream to ensure that peach flavour comes through while still getting a rich, creamy base.


This is a fresh rhubarb flavour.  It will add depth to dessert recipes and its natural tang will balance the sweetness of fruit mixes.

Mix at 1-2% for a delicious flavour.

Abbina con Custard for the classic rhubarb and custard taste.  Or, for an apple and rhubarb crumble mix, check out our Rhubarberry Beret ricetta.


This is a potent lemon.  You don’t need to use at more than 2% to get the full flavour.

It is a fresh but not sour taste and it has a hint of grapefruit as well.

It has a moderate throat hit.

Because it is so strong, this lemon really holds its own in bakery recipes.

It makes a great base for Lemonade as it adds an extra zest and freshness.  You could also try pairing it with tropical fruit and cocktail flavours like Pineapple e Tequila Agave for a fresh, summer vape.

In the warm sun, there is nothing better than a refreshing drink but you can get the fresh and zesty taste of lemonade with our recipe Keith Lemon.


This is a tart grapefruit with a slight sweetness.  It has no throat hit and is an exceptionally smooth vape, unlike most citrus flavours.

Mix at 1-2% as this is potent.

Try this in citrus mixes for a refreshing mix.  We recommend Lemon Mix, Orange Mandarin e Lime.


Sweet and warm, Bahraini Apple Gold is like a baked apple.  It is not sharp or sour but has a sweet apple taste that works well in bakery mixes.

Shisha Double Apple is a really simple but effective recipe to give your vape juice a thick and creamy baked apple flavour.  Or, if you want something with just two ingredients you can try our Golden Apple on Mars recipe that is a delicious blend of warm apple and marshmallow.


This is creamy and nutty, just as you’d expect.  It has a strong honey taste that adds depth and sweetness.  It becomes more creamy on the exhale so you get a real nougat taste.

Mix at 1-3% as a standalone or try it in our recipes, rich and creamy Island Float or the easy, creamy raspberry flavour of Golden Nougat.

It has a heavy body and its creaminess means it works perfectly as an accent in bakery recipes.


This has a prominent taste of cherries and nuts.  It is very creamy but is not dense and heavy, which makes it ideal to add to mixes without changing the body of the mix.

It can be used as a standalone or as part of a mix.  This works particularly well with biscuit or cake recipes.

It’s rather different from Marzipan FA so, if you already have that one, don’t let it put you off getting this one as well – Marzipan Yummy Classic can be used in ways that other marzipan flavours can’t.  Surprisingly, it works well with milk and cream flavours as it blends well and creates a sweet and rich mixture. Try it in cereal mixes to create a convincing milk profile.

For a sweet, fruity bakery vape, why not mix our Apricot Delight recipe?


This is an extremely versatile flavour.  In creamy mixtures, it adds a lovely nutty taste while keeping the full body of the cream.  Almond FA is not sweet but it can be used to enhance sweet mixtures with a warming almond, exactly like almond extract works in a cake recipe.

It is a great standalone but, for a delicious blend, pair it with Vanilla for a thick and nutty mix.

Mix at 1-3% depending on what you’re mixing it with: with creams and fruits, you don’t need much, only 1-2% to add a hint of almond and bring a depth to the mixture; with bakery or plant flavours, you might want to use up to 3% to make sure that hard, nuttiness comes through against the potent flavour concentrates.

If you like cupcake flavours, then try our Cupcake Concoction for your ultimate treat or the rich and fruity Ice Cream & Banana Coconut Concoction for a tasty ice-cream sundae vape juice.


Nut Mix has a raw almond, hazelnut and walnut flavour.  This is a perfect nutty base for a mixed-nuts and chocolate vape.

It’s strong so mix at 1-4%.

Add Almond FA to get a warmer tone in this delicious nut mix.  This is a versatile flavour as it can be used to accentuate the nuttiness of bakery or biscuit recipes without overpowering them.

For a delicious, soft cookie e-liquid, make our Chocolate Cookies recipe.  It’s sweet and sin-free.


Sweet and creamy, this has the taste and creamy texture of Crème Brulee.

It has a thick, sugar-and-caramel flavour with hints of vanilla.  There is a slight fruity hint on the exhale which is delicious.

Mix at 3-4% for a delicious standalone vape.  The caramel is potent and is good to pair with plant flavours such as Tobacco DNB Flavour.

Dai un'occhiata al nostro Creamy Orange recipe for a rich and creamy citrus flavour or our really easy Crème de la Crème ricetta.


This is both tangy and creamy.  It is best used to fill out bakery recipes to give it a thick and creamy taste without making them overly sweet.

In recipes, mix at 1.5-2.5% for the true-to-taste yoghurt flavour.

Our top tip is to pair this with Cactus (at 0.5-1%) to add just a touch of sweetness and fruitiness.

For a delicious fruit yoghurt flavour, check out our Yo Yo Yoghurt ricetta.


This is tart and fruity, rather like a dry white wine.  It has a very slight sweetness along with that sour note.  There is an exotic, spicy taste to this, with hints of cinnamon and brown sugar.

The warming sensation on the tongue makes this stand out from the crowd and it can be used to great effect in a huge range of mixes.

This has a moderate throat hit.

Abbina con Apple Fuji FA for a tangy cider flavour or try making our delicious recipe Apple Bottom Jeans for a creamy apple bakery-flavour.


An authentic plant flavour that has an earthy and smoky taste.

Mix at 1-5% for the best results.

Abbina con Caramel for a sweet twist or with Shisha Mango e Shisha Strawberry for a fruity and summery plant flavour.


This is a smooth plant flavour that is aromatic, with a slightly sweet, dark leaf taste.  It’s an excellent base for a mix and it really shines at 3% after steeping.

Because it has such a dark, aromatic flavour, Virginia FA works really well in bakery recipes that need a little kick.  Try out our recipe Smokey Bakery or, for a much more simple recipe, try Smoky Vape which is a great blend of plant flavours.

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