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On the 1st January 2021, as a result of Brexit, EU customers started to be charged extra fees by our courier (UPS) on orders that were being delivered outside of the United Kingdom.

These fees include Admin charges, Brexit charges, Duty and Import VAT. They are now required, but we recognize that they are also very inconvenient and have caused massive shipping delays.

So, we have been working hard with DHL to think of a solution that will work the best way for our international customers, and this is what we have come up with:
There will be a flat shipping fee of £29, for orders up to 20kg, that are sent outside the UK to most European countries. This delivery charge pays for your shipping cost. The rest, including Customs Fees & Import VAT, we will pay on your behalf. This means no more unexpected charges and no more delays.

The shipping service on average takes 1-7 working days, to allow time to factor in some customs checks, and depending on how far away from the UK you are.We would like to thank all our international customers for their patience over the last few months while we worked on this, and we hope this will be a great solution moving forward.

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