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If you are a regular DarkStar customer, you will know that we recently launched a range called DarkStar Laboratory, for which the sole purpose is for you to test potential full time flavours and let us know which you want to see come back full time. But how can you best make your voice heard about which flavours you think are good enough to make it into the DarkStar ranges?


Product Reviews


The simplest way to leave a review is via the product pages on the website. When we are picking the next DS Labs flavours to return, we meticulously review all your thoughts on each flavour. Make sure to let your opinion known before that product sells out.


DarkStar Vape Community 21+


Our Facebook community is a great place to let us know which flavours you enjoyed or felt that they didn’t quite hit the mark. We frequently post asking for thoughts on the most recent monthly batch of DS Labs flavours (often pinned to the top of the page). Our admins will then let us know which ones stand out within the Facebook community.


Blog/Video Reviews


If you want to take it a step further, we love watching your YouTube reviews and reading blog posts about DS Labs products and ALL DarkStar products. This is a great way to tell us and the vaping community at large how you feel about our products. Make sure to tag DarkStar where possible or send us a link via email.


If all else fails, feel free to shoot us an email at [email protected]. DS Labs is all about you. With 3 new flavours being released every month, there are tonnes of flavours to try and with your help, we want to make sure the best are being released as full time flavours!


Check out the current selection of DS Labs products here.


Below is a great YouTube review of a past DS Labs product, ‘Fruit Salad’ by the FlatCap Vaper.



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