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So, you’ve finally found your perfect All Day Vape, you’ve cracked the recipe, ordered all of the ingredients and now you’re ready to make a litre of your favourite juice. All you need now is the correct amounts of each of the liquids. You can do this two ways, by volume or by weight. Either way, you will get the exact results by using our E-liquid Calculator. Using mixing scales can be a good idea, whether you’re looking to make bigger batches and small syringes won’t work, or you want to avoid contamination. So far it is the easiest way to measure liquids, and for sure it is the cleanest way too.


It’s very simple. All you have to do is follow the steps I’ll share below.


When making my e-liquids, I’m always starting with preparing the bottles and cups I’ll use, and placing all the ingredients in the correct order. Therefore, bases first, then nicotine and then the flavour concentrates, so that they are lined up in the same order you’ll get in the e-liquid calculator results. Good preparation before starting mixing will help you to make sure you haven’t missed any of the ingredients, and it would also make the whole process much quicker. The scales available in our shop, come with a ‘tare’ button, that you will have to press every time when placing a bottle or cup on the scale, as it would basically take off the weight of the container. Turn on your scale set the bottle, container (or whatever else you want to mix into) on the scale and press the tare button.


Mixing by weight will save you a lot of time, it is also the easiest method and would not involve much equipment. However, there are few things you will need to start mixing by weight, that I’ve listed below:

  • A few paper tissues and gloves

Even though mixing by weight is far less messy than mixing by volume, it is always good to have some paper towels or napkins prepared. If you are using nicotine – gloves are a ‘must’!

Set the recipe, adjust all the sliders and check twice if it is correct. Have the e-calculator results in front of you, so you can read it easily. You can use our e-liquid calculator here; Make My Vape E-calculator

This are calculations to make 30PG/70VG ratio 50ml e-liquid at 3mg nicotine strenght. I will be using 50mg nicotine strenght based in PG. 

Find the e-liquid recipe that you think you might like. There are plenty of handy forums and blogs!

I will be making The Dragons Blood. You can find this and more recipes ここ.Dragon fruit e-liquid recipe.

Obviously. The more precise the better. No matter if you’re planning to buy one from us, Amazon, or a local charity shop, your scale needs to have a ‘tare’ option, as you will be using it a lot.

  • Bottles, containers, mixing cups, spare plastic cups. Mugs?

Whatever you like! I’ll be using a plastic 100ml mixing cup. I only want to make 50ml of e-juice, but I simply like to have more space in mixing cup to stir liquids very well.  I will than pour it into 30ml glass dropper bottles. I prefer glass bottles over plastic, not only for steeping but I also like to keep my e-liquids in nice stylish dropper bottles and to customize the labels.


Once you set up your mixing station and have all from the above in place, you’re ready to start mixing! And trust me, it will take only a fraction of the time it took to mix by volume.








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