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Learn how to store e-liquids correctly.

Making your own delicious e-liquids is definitely a fun practise to save some money on vaping and is a great way to kick the bad habit of smoking. But no matter how much cheaper DIY mixing could be, it is still important to correctly store your products to make it last longer and to taste better. Together with our lab team we have prepared couple of tips on how to store your bases, nicotine and of course ready e-liquids.


Place, Time, Temperature

There is a couple of basic rules you should follow. Always remember to keep your e-liquids and raw bases away from direct light and heat. Although, raw bases like the PG, VG and nicotine, once stored in cool dark cupboard will last up to two years, which is it shelf life. The situation may be different when it comes to flavoured e-liquids.


Let your nicotine chill…

If you’re not planning to consume your e-liquid straight away, the best way to keep it fresh for longer, is to store it in a refrigerator or even freeze it. Although, there is nothing wrong with keeping your e-juice or nicotine in a plastic bottle for short term, if you’re planning to freeze it, it will be necessary to transfer it into a glass bottle. Placing a glass bottle of e-liquid or nicotine in a plastic zip seal freezer plastic bag will prevent oxidation. For long term storing, it is better to transfer your e-liquids in to a glass bottle, as plastic can interact with the e-liquid and affect its flavour. The reason for which your e-liquid may degrade is the oxidation process. Plastic bottles are more permeable to air, whereas high quality plastic and glass bottles will prevent the harmful effect of air.


Your e-juice, long and calm lifetime

Just imagine you have made a half litre of your favourite Blueberry Muffin e-liquid, that you can’t get enough of, but in the meantime you’ve discovered how great Peppermint and Vanilla taste together and this has become your new ADV. Or the worst scenario, one of your favourite e-liquid brands has announced that they will discontinue your favourite blend. Both cases are very plausible, but don’t panic, if you will only stick to simple rules you will enjoy your favourite mixes even after a couple of months.

Your DIY mixing supplies and e-liquids like cool and dark places. The reason is simple, heat will ‘speed up’ chemical reactions, which can change quality and taste of e-juices. This is also why some vapers will freeze their nicotine. If you are a fan of flavour chasing rather than cloud chasing, you are probably using more of PG (Propylene Glycol) bases, and it is also mean that it will last for longer. That’s thankfully to natural antibacterial properties of Propylene Glycol. However, if you are more of a cloud chaser and mainly using VG, if you are planning to storing your high VG liquids in fridge, keep in mind that low temperature will make it even more thicker. Allow it to warm in room temperature before attempting mixing it or vaping.


Safe, safe and safe 

You have probably heard or read these a thousand times, but we have to repeat it just one more time – keep your e-liquids away from children and pets! Especially, if you have just begun your DIY mixing adventure and are looking for a secure place to keep your nicotine bases. The perfect place to store your nicotine and e-liquids that contain nicotine would be perhaps a high cupboard or high shelf in your kitchen. Lockable boxes can be a great solution too! It is extremely important to store nicotine away from curious kids and pets. 






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