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Have you never really been a fan of shisha flavours?

Shisha flavour concentrates usually have a ‘coaly’ taste to them, don’t they?  

Well not necessarily.  Inawera have produced a range of shisha flavours that are smoother to vape and don’t have the throat hit associated with typical shisha vape juices.

These flavours are potent and bright so they mix well with shisha blends but they’re so flavoursome that they can be mixed to great effect in a range of recipes.

If you want to know exactly what this new shisha range is like, then you’re in luck – we clarify exactly what they taste like below.

We’ve also found some simple recipes that really showcase the full potential of these delicious flavour concentrates.

Inawera’s Shisha Lime is a strong lime flavour.  It has a lime syrup taste to it with a hint of sherbet, which gives it a bit of zest.

There is no throat hit with this flavour.

Although it is syrupy, it is not too sweet because it is a lime flavour and there is a sherbet tang to it.

We highly recommend this if you’re after only one lime concentrate.

Pair with bakery flavours to add a little zest or add a dash of this to Lemonade for a lemon-and-lime twist.

Our Creamy Citrus recipe is the perfect creamy and tart taste.

This tastes just like nearly-ripe mango.  The natural sweetness of the mango is tempered by the more earthy peel taste.

On the inhale, there is a lot of sweetness and some deep mango flavour, and on the exhale there is a more realistic mango peel taste.  However, it is not ‘perfumey’ and tastes like a natural mango.

It is a very fresh taste and is very juicy.

We recommend mixing this at 1-2% as it is very potent.

Pair with dark, juicy fruits or, if you want a fresh and cooling vape, then try mixing it with just a hint of Menthol.

Our Wild Wild Mango recipe is simple and flavoursome, so give it a go.  Or, if you want to make a delicious bakery mix then Mango Cream Cake is for you.

Shisha Orange is potent.  It works best in orange mixes where it gets to be the star, rather than to add subtle hints of orange.

It is a syrupy orange flavour.  On the inhale there is some of the slight bitterness of a natural orange but, on the exhale, it’s a sweet and syrupy orange flavour.

We recommend mixing this at 1-2%.

There is no throat hit with Shisha Orange.

Pair with lighter vanilla creams as the flavours will work well and the syrupy body of this Shisha Orange will mix with the light body of the cream.

For a simple recipe, try Orange Supreme また Creamy Orange.


Inawera’s Shisha Apple tastes like a sweet and juicy red apple.  There is a touch of tartness as well to balance the sweetness.

Along with the sweetness of the red apple flavour, there are notes of apple peel that make it taste realistic and lessen the sweetness.  The heaviness of the peel lessens after steeping, though, when it becomes a rounded flavour.

The tartness means there is a light throat hit.  It is fresh and there is no chemical aftertaste.

It is a vivid flavour. We recommend mixing at 1-3% to get the syrupy and tart combination of Shisha Apple.

The tartness can brighten up fruit mixtures. Pair with autumnal fruits. If you’re going to add it to bakery mixtures, make sure the sourness is balanced by the other flavours. Try our recipe Princess Peach for a sweet and fruity e-liquid.

Shisha Lemon is a sweet lemon flavour.  It has a syrupy sweetness that is set off by a sharp lemon sherbet taste.

We recommend mixing this at 1-2% as it is a strong flavour concentrate.

This is a really good e-liquid to add depth to lemon mixes like lemonade or lemon tart.

It doesn’t have a throat hit.

Pair with berries to add an extra zest without turning the whole mixture sour.

If you want a really, really simple but absolutely delicious mixture then try our Strawberry Lemonade.

This is a sweet and dense flavour that is more like a raspberry-flavoured sweet than a real raspberry.  There is no tartness to Shisha Raspberry (which may or may not recommend it to you). Like many of these new shisha flavours by Inawera, it is syrupy, particularly on the base notes.  On the top notes, there is a hint of brightness that makes this sparkle.

We recommend mixing this at 1-2%.

There is a light throat hit with Shisha Raspberry.

It’s a dry taste that doesn’t have any juciness.  This makes it perfect to add to mixes without altering the texture.  For example, this flavour works well drier, nuttier plants as it doesn’t make the mixture too juicy.

It also works well with layered bakery mixes for the same reason.

My own personal tip: pair Shisha Raspberry with Inawera’s Chocolate Cream.

If you want a creamy recipe with a sweet raspberry taste, then try our really simple recipe Raspberry Vanilla Ice.  It’s a delicious summery e-liquid.

With a creamy and smooth texture, this is one of the best strawberry flavours.  The sweetness in this flavour concentrate is like a strawberry syrup.

It has a ripe taste that pairs well with creams and vanillas.

This is potent so we recommend mixing at 1-4%.

It has a mild throat hit.

It is one of our most versatile strawberry flavours.  For a delicious strawberry-and-cream flavour, try our recipe Strawberry Beamer.  Still an easy recipe but with six flavours to mix, the delicious Strawberry and Lemon Cream has all the sweet smoothness you could want but with a zesty hint of lemon to brighten it up.

This has a ripe and creamy flavour that is perfect for a banana concentrate.  It tastes a little like the foamy banana sweets.

Although it is sweet, it doesn’t have the chemical aftertaste that so many banana flavours have, which makes it a must-buy for anyone who wants to make banana dessert mixes.

We recommend mixing at 1-2% as all Inawera flavours are potent.

For a delicious, rich and warming vape liquid, try our Bacoffee recipe.


This is a creamy vanilla flavour with a gentle sweetness.  

It has a smooth inhale and a flavoursome French vanilla taste on the exhale, meaning it has a rich and custardy taste.

Shisha Vanilla has a mild throat hit.

We recommend mixing this at 0-3%, depending upon whether you want to use it as an accent to a recipe or as a standalone flavour.

It adds a creamy body to mixtures and creates a smoothness that make it work particularly well with creams, coffee and caramel.

One of our most popular recipes is Strawberries and Cream Double Team, which is simple and delicious.  Even more simple to make is our Bostilla Ice Cream.



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