Top 10 E-liquid Recipes of 2021 – Make My Vape


We have collected the 10 most popular recipes in the last 12 months to find the ones made, enjoyed and rated most highly by our customers.  See which liquids are trending right now, and try them out for yourself.

1. Frozen Strawberry

Just a single concentrate – Strawberry Ice – but a fantastic result.  This was number 3 last year, but has surged ahead.  And why not?  It is simple to make, and the flavours have already been expertly blended by Pope and Brewer’s Gourmet Flavours, taking the hard work out of creating a great juice. 

You can find the recipe and buy the ingredients here.

2. Vanilla Tobacco

A wonderful mix of deep plant flavours, and a range of vanilla notes, last year’s number 1 remains enormously popular.  There is a real smooth vanilla exhale, with the earthy tones of Red Burley plant really being showcased to best effect.  If you enjoy plant vapes and want to take your liquid to the next level, there is no better place to start.

Click here for the recipe, and to buy the ingredients.

3. Strawberry Jam

Recently featured as a Recipe of the Week, this has been a massive hit, and is arguably the most popular recipe right now.  It took some work to get the ‘jamminess’ but we eventually landed on a small amount of bilberry, which on a layered strawberry, and with a small amount of citrus provided by Dragon Fruit adds up to a really deep fruity flavour.  There are lots of strawberry e-liquids out there, but few can compete for a satisfying complex strawberry flavour.  A real treat.

Find out how to make it and buy the ingredients here.

4. Freaky Fruits

So called because it was part of a Halloween special, but the only freaky thing about this is how good it tastes.  A mouthwatering combination of Pink Fruit and lemonade, with hints of kiwi, strawberry and tangerine set against Flavorah’s Smoothie base, this is a recipe that was developed by the mixing experts at Flavorah to show what their products can do in combination, and they hit the nail on the head.  Delicious.

Try it for yourself by clicking here.

5. Dragon’s Blood

Our best selling liquid for many years, but we love DIY so much that we released the recipe anyway!  A fairly simple mix to do, containing just 3 flavours, but the effect of a dash of strawberry and vanilla behind a dominant dragon fruit has had us puffing like dragons ever since.  It works equally well as a high VG mix or 50/50, and shows no signs of losing its popularity.

If you haven’t tried this yet, click here to find out how.

6. Cherry Aid

I have no idea what the oddly punning title is all about, but when it tastes this good, who cares?  An innovative use of Flavorah’s Brut Bubble Wine and Citrus Soda brings the fizz to the delicious combination of cherries.  This is a surprisingly light vape for the amount of taste, and the Super Sweet can be adjusted to suit your taste without affecting the recipe.

Click here for the recipe, and to buy the ingredients.

7. Frosty Root Beer

A lovely cool root beer balanced and smoothed by whipped cream, this recipe is one that has grown in popularity over time.  Perhaps not the first thing you would think of making, but well worth the effort, the characteristic of this recipe is how well the flavours in it blend together to give a seamless result.  The one element to experiment with it is the Ice: some like it colder than others, but changing this does not diminsh the taste at all.  I like to up the Ice in the summer, and follw the recipe in the colder months.  This is one that I will vape all week once I get going on it.

Fancy something a bit different?  Have a look at the recipe by clicking here.

8. Lush Lemonade

Another all Flavorah recipe, and another great one.  Some unusual ingredients including Melon Rind and Rose Essence elevate this above many other lemonade recipes, which all to often have no counterbalance to the citrus of the lemon, and become all too sharp as a result.  This juice is like the equivalent of the posh stuff you get in a glass bottle, a world away from own-brand pop.

The ingredients and recipe can be found by clicking here.

9. Passionate Punch

This is one for the cocktail lovers.  Passion Fruit, Coconut and Bitters combine to make a complex yet refreshing vape for those that enjoy an interesting blend of tastes.  This recipe is a good example of how popular some slightly out-of-the-ordinary recipes can become as DIY mixers realize that they can create beautifully nuanced liquids as good, or better than, the ones produced by well known brands.

There are 4 ingredients in this one, so it is not too tricky – find out how by clicking here.

10. Jupiter Juice

Our top 10 ends with another cocktail, but a gin based one this time.  This is a complex mix which takes a little bit of effort, but the results are out of this world, so it is well worth a little patience.  A cool lemonade cocktail with Juniper Gin, Bourbon and bitters, this is as good a ‘drinks cabinet’ e-liquid recipe as you will find.

All the mixing percentages and ingredients can be viewed and bought here.


Many thanks for reading.  We would love to hear from you with comments on the list, recipe ideas and your favourite juices.  And if you enjoyed this article, please share it via the social media channels.



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