Jarred Tomato Paste, Ranked Worst To Best

Most tomato pastes on this list don’t falter much in terms of taste, and our nitpicks are more in regards to mold, price, and ease of locating. This first tomato paste, however, didn’t have the best texture, and we couldn’t even begin to talk about the taste. Mantova’s Sundried Tomato Paste may call itself a tomato “paste,” but in terms of texture, was less like a smooth, spreadable tomato product you might find in a burrito or tomato soup. It was more like adding a jar full of sand to your dish, essentially ruining it.

The paste comes in a round, 6.5-ounce jar, and is filled with a bright, orange-red tomato-based product that was a lot more watery than a good paste, but also a lot more like sand. One reviewer on Amazon wrote, “This product has got to be the most inedible tomato spread out there, not so much because of its flavor (which, in truth, tastes more like tomato stems than fruit) but because of its unbelievably sandy (gritty) texture.” Taste-wise, Mantova’s paste didn’t taste a whole lot like a flavorful tomato sauce, and when pairing that with the horrible texture, this is the jarred tomato product that we’d never suggest you have. If you’re trying to make a solid beer chili with tomato paste, you might want to pass on this one.

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