New Trader Joe’s Snacks Reviewed: April 2022

When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Ice Cream
Refreshing and creamy lemon ice cream with shortbread chunks. Would be nice with olive oil cake or brandied cherries or a huge inflatable castle with a pool attached to it, installed in the front yard for three straight months.

A Half Chicken

Buttermilk Brined Half Chicken
Inside this body bag is a wet chicken with “rosemary essence.” Have your way with it. I patted it dry, massaged it with a spice rub, and grilled it with great results. Probably cheaper to just buy naked chicken and dump it in a bag with buttermilk yourself.


Vegan Buffalo Dip
I devoured a sodium bomb of this dip, scooping it up with TJ’s elote dippers, and called it lunch. The main ingredient is cauliflower, so you get some beady little bites, but the dippers demolish any nuance here. Barely spicy, nice and nutty from ground pepitas, savory from garlic. Good dip!

Vegan Nacho Cheese
Not as big a fan of this silky cashew cheese because the onion flavor is so overwhelming. That said, I’m an extremely biased Texan with queso running through her veins, the timeworn ability to digest dairy, and brand loyalty to Velveeta. Sorry!

Chimichurri Sauce
Beware, it’s CILANTROOOOOO. Otherwise, a standard chimichurri with muted garlic and three types of oil for some reason (probably to keep the cost down).

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