Nicotine pouches market in the Czech Republic – let’s check the report!


According to the report, in the Czech Republic most sales, around 75%, happen through offline channels, such as gas stations and tobacco stores. The report checked 39 such stores into account and 85% claimed they offer nicotine pouches and have 10-20 nicpouch customers on a daily basis. Additionally, among the aforementioned 85% of the stores, 74% sell not only nicotine pouches, but also chewing bags, and 23% sell only nicpouches.

Nicotine pouches’ strength

The average strength of the nicotine pouch is 15 mg, but most, over 40%, of all the products place in the compartment between 6.1 – 12 mg.

Czechs are also keen on stronger nicpouches. The strong category, regarding products containing 12.1 – 18 mg of nicotine, covers 18,3% of the market, and extra strong with more than 18 mg covers 23,1%.

Flavour nicpouch availability in the Czech online stores

45% of shelves of the online stores are occupied by fruity nicotine pouches in 2022. This number grew from 37% in 2021. Next are cooling products with 29% presence, compared to 36% in 2021, and the podium is closed with complex – combined of two or more categories – flavours with 9%, compared to 8% in 2021.

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