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Fri 14 Sep 2018

So I was blessed to receive the two new PUNK JUICEflavours (RANCID & MISFIT) just after they were removed from early production ready for customer release so I wanted to share my thoughts on my experience vaping these two so thank you eliquidflavourconcentrates.co.uk


For this review I will be using the flavour chaser itself the SMOK Prince TFV12 Tank using a mesh coil at 0.15 and firing at the top end of the recommendation of 70 watts.


Firstly I tried the RANCID Flavour which was packaged really well in a 120ml bottle with a light aqua blue PUNK JUICE Logo as per the other flavours, the liquid this time is clear and has no colour like many of the others that PUNK do. I filled up my tank and continued vaping till the flavour started to come out in full and immediately I was drawn to the sweet flavour which I could not get my head around what this was but one flavour I could identify was Watermelon which is one of my favourites so it was an instant hit for me but what was the others coming through as I vaped……. Still unsure I vaped this juice all day to try and identify but still failed but it did not matter to me as this will be my favourite PUNK Juice from now on as it is so nice.

Then the next day my son brought some candy from the local shop and offered me one of them which I being a sweet tooth I said yes. I started to eat and enjoy what he gave me and then I said hang on give me that box as it tasted just like the RANCID and this gave me exactly what I was vaping a Cherry Watermelon Candy flavour which is spot on to the NERDS Wild Cherry Watermelons that my son brought. So my suggestions to those who like Watermelon to try this as it is much better than any I have vaped before even and it goes well with the cherry.


Secondly I tried the MISFIT Flavour (Named by Julie Smith in the competition) which also was packaged in the same way, with the only difference was the PUNK JUICE label was purple and the liquid was also clear, again clearing my SMOK tank out of the old flavour and vaping till just this juice was coming out in its full and the first thing I could taste was the Blackcurrant and then a chilling sweet Apple flavour, at first it was too sweet for me but I did shake and vape when the recommendation is to allow it to steep for one to three days so I thought I would leave it for another two days to see if it was also too sweet. When the two days passed I refilled the tank and pulled the flavour through and the sweetness had mellowed and was for me a much nicer flavour than from my first impression. My suggestion for the MISFIT is to let this steep for at least 24hours or maybe mix at a slightly lower percentage if you want to vape it as soon as you receive it and you will not regret as the flavour is just as nice as any other out there.


My final thoughts on the two new outstanding flavours is that the RANCID is absolutely amazing and has now replaced my Anarchy as my number one from PUNK Juice it is sweet and moreish it provides a big cloud if you are a chaser and if you love the candy flavours from Psycho Bunny then you will not be disappointed. One thing which I would of liked to of seen is a colour to the mix as it looks great in my tank, but for coil lifespan the clearer juice the longer it performs but this is just my preference and has no effect on the amazing flavours.



An honest review by Clive Clough

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