Ranking 20 Snapple Flavors From Worst To Best

We’d like to give this tea bonus points for its fun, quirky name. If you visit the Snapple website, you’ll find that most of their tea flavors (and juices) boast fairly generic names, like the all-telling raspberry tea or the fruit punch. However, the notoriously quirky, non-stuffy branding that Snapple consumers love is upheld by their fun wordplay, as seen in drink names like Go Bananas and Trop-a-Rocka Tea.

We know that Snapple makes both fruit juices and teas, and that the two are differentiated by the inclusion of tea (we know, duh). The distinction likely influences consumer patterns: When you want something refreshing, you lean towards lighter beverages like iced teas, and when you’re craving a fruity and sweet treat, you’ll snag a fruit juice. The Takes 2 to Mango Tea confused our tea cravings, as it was pretty darn sugary for an iced tea. With 38 grams of sugar per 16-ounce bottle, it’s got more sugar than some of their other teas, but not as much as the peach tea or honey sweet tea, each of which pack 40 grams of sugar per bottle.

Aside from its unexpected sweetness, the Takes 2 to Mango Tea had a pleasant taste that made us feel like we were under the summer sun on a tropical beach. The mango flavor was distinct, and it wasn’t artificial-tasting in the slightest. This is one of Snapple’s beverages that validates its “all natural” claim for us.

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