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Mon 2 Jan 2017

We’re all about DIY e liquid here at ELFC, so with 2017 finally here and many people considering making their own e liquid for the first time, we decided to make this list explaining why DIY e liquid is such a good thing.


1: You’ll save a ton of money


Cash, dough, loot, cheddar, coin, wonga….It’s what makes the world go round and is one of only three things you can never have enough of, the other two being beers in the fridge and pep in your step, obviously ; ) Anyway, you’ll definitely have more cash in your pocket if you decide to make your own e liquid. How much you’ll save depends on how much you vape, but with a 30ml bottle of premium e liquid costing around £15, and a 30ml bottle of DIY e liquid using a premium flavour concentrate costing less than £2.50, the savings are clearly significant. Check out our guide to saving money with DIY E Liquid.


2: You can laugh in the face of the TPD


The TPD is pesky piece of European Union legislation that will limit e liquid in two significant ways. The first being that all nicotine containing e liquids cannot be sold in bottles larger than 10ml, and the second being the restrictions on flavours brought on by the costs and requirements of testing. You can get around all this by making your own e liquid. The TPD puts no restrictions on flavour concentrates, PG and VG, and nicotine shots will offer a simple solution for those wanting larger bottles of e liquid with more flavour choice.


3: You can get creative


There are an increasing number of DIY mixers that like the simplicity of one shot concentrates, they’re easy to use, there’s little to no waste and no recipes are required. However, there will always be a group of vapers who enjoy creating their own e liquid flavours. Does experimenting and creating your own recipes sound like something you’d enjoy? If so, DIY is the way to go!


4: You’re in control


The problem with pre-mixed e liquid is that you get what you’re given. The nicotine strength, bottle size and PG/VG ratio is up to the manufacturer and not you. However, the opposite is true with DIY e liquid. You can make whatever flavour you want, how you want it. Also, most DIY vapers keep nicotine, PG, VG and flavour concentrates around the house, meaning that they don’t have to worry about their favourite e liquid being out of stock or unavailable, because they can just make it up themselves whenever they like.


5: It can be a fun thing to do


Sitting at a table with bottles and syringes around can seem daunting to some people, but it really is easy to do and there’s nothing to worry about. It can also be fun, relaxing and satisfying all at the same time. Being creative with flavours, making a juice that you can’t wait to try and knowing that you’re saving a lot of money is what attracts so many vapers into DIY. It’s also very rewarding when you try a homemade e liquid for the first time and realise that what you’ve created is very good.


If you have any questions about DIY e liquid, feel free to get in touch at [email protected]


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