TPD-registration process in Germany – what do you need to know?

According to TPD, vape product manufacturers and importers of electronic cigarettes and e-liquids have to provide the competent authorities of the UE Member States with detailed information on, among others, the list of all components of these products and substances released as a result of using the product. Another guideline that TPD carries is laboratory […]

Best Disposable Flavours

If you are reading this then it is more than likely that you are stuck on what flavours to choose when browsing for disposables. With hundreds of different flavour options between all the disposables we have available, we can see how that could be a tricky task. Even though people have different tastes and preferences, […]

Best Disposable Vape Kits

November 2022 Aiden Last Updated: Nov 18, 2022 Vaping has changed quite significantly in the past couple of years. Gone are the days of massive clouds and rebuildable tanks, for the most part anyway. People are after a fast nicotine delivery from a device which sits discreetly in your pocket and that you can […]

DarkStar x Coils by Scott — DarkStar International Limited

Award winning flavours deserve to be vaped on nothing less than award winning coils. We’ve collaborated with independent coil master Scott Theakston (Coils by Scott) to give his gold standard coils the DarkStar treatment, as well as getting his thoughts on coils, flavour, and his time in the vaping industry. The Coils When you buy […]

Safe work with nicotine – Hard to handle, easy to vape

Nicotine safety gear – Masks Masks protect internal organs, especially the lungs, by saving one from inhaling the nicotine fumes but also cover the face. If it’s a full mask, it also covers the eyes. There are various protective masks on the market. They are applicable in two versions: full-face gear or partially-covering masks. In […]

Juul and Altria End Non-Compete Agreement

Once, Juul was a company that dominated the vaping industry by a huge margin. Recently, Juul has been going through rough times. The company is worth much less than it was at its peak. Juul has also ended a non-compete agreement with their parent company, Altria Group Inc. This means Altria, if it decides to […]

Menthol Vape Pens From Logic Receive MDOs

by Ruthless Vapor October 31, 2022 Many Marketing Denial Orders (MDOs) have already been issued for vaping products. However, a large number of menthol vapes have been stuck awaiting a decision from the FDA. Menthol vapes were in an unusual place due to ongoing talk of a menthol tobacco product ban. However, the FDA seems […]

Can I add more than one flavor concentrate to my vape juice

A lot of today’s vapers prefer to have more control over their vaping experiences, which is why so many people who shop at vape stores are looking for ingredients with which they can make their own vape juices from scratch. In fact, we’re particularly known for the flavor concentrates, which make it easy to turn any […]

Long Fills & The Aspire Flexus Q

We’re excited to announce that we are now stocking some of our highest rated and award winning flavours as Long Fill products!    What are Long Fills? Essentially a Long Fill is a 60ml bottle that comes filled with the necessary amount of flavour concentrates for you to add a mix of PG and VG […]