The Best Hibiscus Flavored Items You Can Get At The Store


Candy connoisseurs and foodie influencers have long been familiar with Sugarfina, particularly for their mega-popular Champagne Gummy Bears made with Dom Pérignon. But this brand offers a whole world of unique gummy bear flavors, including hibiscus, adding a dash of adult sophistication to an ultimate childhood favorite. The Strawberry Hibiscus Bears are said to be “as rejuvenating as a day at the spa,” and come in Sugarfina’s signature clear cube, perfect for gorgeous gifting (including self-gifting, obviously).

It’s no secret that the brand’s confections aren’t exactly cheap, but purchasing Sugarfina is about the total experience, from the Instagram-worthy, boutique shopping environment to the fancy flavors and pretty packaging. Still, it’s the pure quality of taste that has these gummy bear cubes flying off the shelves. Next time you’re in the mood for gummy bears, skip the sticky cheap stuff in the grocery store candy aisle and treat yourself to a well-deserved cube from Sugarfina.

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