The best holiday destinations if you are a Vaper


If you enjoy vaping,
you want to be able to do it wherever you go. Taking your gear on holiday with
you sounds like a great idea, giving you a chance to relax and do some vaping
somewhere new. However, it turns out that there are plenty of places where
getting out an e-cigarette is unlikely to be welcome. Some countries have even
banned the practice or banned the import and export of any equipment related to
vaping. These include places as far-flung as Argentina and Singapore, so it’s
always important to check the rules before you go on your travels. If you’re
thinking about where to go this year or next, you need to know where vaping is
welcome and where it isn’t. Try the list below for the most vape-friendly

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Vaping in The USA

Vaping laws in the US
vary widely by state and region, so it’s always best to check your exact
destination. However, since there is no federal ban or
restriction on e-cigarette products, you can find plenty of places where vaping is allowed and where
you can find all the gear you need. R Street graded 52 cities in the country,
giving each of them a score based on how friendly they were to vapers. Virginia
Beach, Virginia came out on top, with a number of other cities scoring well too.
Among them were Tucson, Phoenix and Mesa, all in Arizona. Albuquerque, New
Mexico bagged a high score, and both Denver and Colorado Springs in Colorado
were highly praised. But stay away from the likes of Chicago and LA if you want
to have an easy time vaping.

Va[ing in China

Like the US, the law concerning vaping in China depends on the region you visit. However,
considering the fact that many other Asian countries ban vaping or have very
strict rules, China is one of the more relaxed countries on the continent.
E-cigs were invented in China, and the country supplies the huge majority of
vaping products to the rest of the world too. So you can find plenty of places
where vaping regulations are more relaxed, and it’s easy to find somewhere to
buy the things you need too. Some places have restrictions to take note of,
such as Shanghai, where you can only vape in designated smoking areas.


Another Asian country
that hasn’t gone for extremely restrictive rules is Japan. However, there is a
law stopping you from 
buying e-liquids that contain nicotine. Having said that,
you’re unlikely to have any problem taking your own supplies with you, due to
allowances made for personal imports. If you want to use nicotine e-liquids
while you’re there, just take your own supplies with you. You should be able to
vape in most places, just as long as you have what you need. Japan is a diverse
and fascinating country, where you can go from huge cities to rolling hills,
and you should be pretty free to vape along the way.

The Netherlands

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The Netherlands is famous for being relaxed about weed, but that doesn’t necessarily directly translate to be as relaxed about cigarettes or even e-cigarettes. Tobacco is
banned inside coffee shops, and so is vaping. The import and use of e-cigarettes was nearly made illegal, but the ban was stopped, so it remains safe for now. Even though you’re not free to vape anywhere and everyone, the Netherlands and
Amsterdam, in particular, is still a good pick for your holiday. It’s a relaxed
place to visit, with beautiful scenery and lots of fun to be had.

Australia and New Zealand

As in some other
places, like Japan, you can buy e-liquids without nicotine in Australia and New
Zealand, but products containing nicotine are regulated. You probably won’t
have any problems if you bring your own gear with you. What’s more, you can
find that in some places, the restrictions on smoking in public places don’t
apply to vaping, so you can get out an e-cig somewhere where you wouldn’t be
allowed to have an actual cigarette. Sydney in Australia is one such place, and
it gives you some pretty spectacular views to enjoy while you’re vaping too.

Vaping in London

You don’t necessarily
have to go far to find places that are welcoming to vapers. London is a great
place to visit for various cultural and entertainment reasons, whether you go
for a weekend or spend longer there. The UK does have some restrictions on
e-cigarettes, and you can’t use them on public transport. However, in general regulators are supportive of vaping because it helps people to quit using tobacco cigarettes, so there are lots of
places in the capital where you can go just for vaping, including some trendy
cafes and bars. You’re welcome to vape in parks and around the city too, but
it’s best to do it outside unless you’re somewhere where vaping is expressly
allowed – if only to be polite.


Egypt is a popular
holiday destination for people who love a bit of sun and sand or who want to
experience an interesting culture without going too far. As in some other
countries, the sale of vaping products isn’t allowed in Egypt. However, there
is a big smoking culture there, and if you bring your own supplies, you should
be fine. There’s no rule against using vaping equipment, so just make sure you
have everything you need before you leave home.

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Tips for Travelling as a Vaper

If you’re about to go
travelling with your
vape gear and accessories remember to check the rules of your destination
before you go. Remember that vaping isn’t allowed on planes and it’s often not
allowed in airports, either, although you can sometimes find a special smoking
area. Make sure you check which plug is suitable for the country you are travelling too as their maybe different socketsCheck the rules about carrying your equipment on planes too. You might
have to show it at security, and you will definitely have to separate any
liquids from the rest of your hand luggage.

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