Trader Joe’s New Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate Is Summer In A Bottle

The only thing that’s more suited for summer than a cold brew? A coconut cold brew. Whether the scent is present in your sunscreen or you are sipping on a frozen piña colada poolside, coconut is a fragrance and flavor synonymous with summertime. Trader Joe’s has managed to combine two of these hot weather treats in one concoction — Coconut Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate.

“IT’S BACK,” @traderjoeslist captioned the Instagram post, showcasing a bottle of the cold brew on Trader Joe’s shelves. Shoppers and coffee lovers alike shared their excitement in the comment section. “YAY I’ve been waiting for this to come back!,” one user commented, while another wrote “My absolute fav!!!! Can’t wait to see if my TJ’s has it.” One fan recommends adding a little of this concoction to an espresso martini, and yet another states the obvious, “Taste like summer.” 

An added bonus? According to the original poster, the “cold brew coffee is less acidic than hot brew coffee making it an easier choice on your stomach and teeth!”

Per the label on the bottle, this cold brew should be combined with either water or milk in a ratio of one part concentrate and two parts the latter. And because we know you’re wondering, here’s the difference between cold brew concentrate and regular cold brew.

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