Why the TPD Hasn’t Been Too Bad (So Far)


Why the TPD Hasn't Been Too Bad (So Far)... thumbnail

Wed 5 Jul 2017

As you’re probably aware the full implementation of the Tobacco Products Directive came into effect on May 20th. This piece of EU legislation limits the size of tanks, limits the nicotine strength of e liquid and puts huge financial demands on small vape companies that have seen many go out of business.


Many saw the TPD as a potential death nail for the EU vape industry, with some claiming that it would hand the power back to big plant and pharmaceutical companies. However, so far this has proved not to be the case, and here’s why….


Short Fill E Liquid

Short fill is when a larger bottle contains 0mg e liquid (which isn’t covered by the TPD regulations) leaving space for nicotine shots. For example, our Chubby Bastard e liquid is 50ml of max VG, nicotine free e liquid in a 60ml bottle, this leaves enough space to add one nicotine shot which would make the entire 60ml 3mg nicotine strength. These short fill products are becoming available in nearly all online and high street vape shops.


RTAs and RDAs are Still Available

Technically speaking, RTAs and RDAs are not capable of vaporising nicotine containing liquid as they do not contain coils. This has meant that the vast majority are still available for sale. However, there has been confusion over this as grey areas have been left in the both the TPD and TRPR (the UK’s TPD guidelines) about rebuildable products. It is likely that RTAs and RDAs will soon have to be tested and notified like all stock coil tanks. Speaking of which….


Many TPD Compliant Tanks are Capable of Holding More than 2ml

Tank manufacturers have started getting creative when it comes to getting around the 2ml tank restriction. For example, the Govad RTA has a removable plastic bung that turns it’s 2ml capacity into 3.8ml, the Kylin RTA has an extended glass tube and a shaft extender (insert joke here) to allow an almost 6ml capacity, and the Aspire Exo tank can double it’s capacity when the stock coil is replaced by an older Clito coil. From what we’ve read, the regulators are getting wise to the tricks pulled by the Kylin and the Govad, but when the capacity can be increased using parts that are not included in the package, like the Aspire Exo tank, then it’s going to be hard for the authorities to clamp down.


A Boom in DIY E Liquid

Short fill e liquids could be seen as as DIY, but they’re still far more expensive than making your own e liquid. DIY has grown significantly since the implementation of the TPD as vapers look to find larger e liquid bottles at a lower cost. Also, there are no restrictions on making e liquid over 10ml for personal use, the restrictions only apply to sales.


It’s hard to judge how the TPD will play out for the UK and the rest of the EU in the coming months and years, the legislation is new and regulators are still finding their feet much like the vape industry.


If you have any questions about the TPD or TRPR, feel free to get in touch at [email protected]



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