15 Non-Alcoholic Wines That Are Better Than The Boozy Kind

The Acid League brand is committed to creating gut-friendly products. Acid League started out with a range of reimagined vinegars. The brand has also recreated wines into exciting non-alcoholic drinks. 

At first glance, the Zephyr looks like wine. It has a modern pink label and is sealed with a charming wax cap. But instead of fermented grape juice, this bottle contains Sauvignon Blanc juice, along with rhubarb juice, verjus, apple and strawberry concentrates, peppercorn bitters, hibiscus, and more. The addition of sea salt balances nicely with the fruity elements. 

This drink is layered and festive and although it’s not a wine, it has plenty of complexity in terms of flavor, bringing together fruit, acid, and a hint of spice. The body has hints of silver needle white tea. Acid League suggests pairing this beverage with a seafood platter, or some zucchini pesto pasta, which sound like the makings of a perfect summer spread.

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