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A few years back, we held a competition where our customers gave us suggestions for new flavours and the winner had their idea developed into a DarkStar flavour. The winner was ‘Birthday Cake Ice Cream’ – Fluffy sponge cake with jam and cream coated with sweet icing and surrounded with the creamiest fresh strawberry ice cream. Whether you loved it or hated it, BCIC was a head turner.

You might notice that this diabolically decadent dessert is no longer available on the website. Never fear! If you were a die-hard BCIC fan, the recipe for this flavour is now available to the public!

Dark Arts – Caramel 0.35%
Capella – Funnel Cake 1%
The Flavour Apprentice – Ripe Strawberry 4%
Inawera – Shisha Strawberry 1.3%
Capella – Sugar Cookie 2%
Capella – Sweet Strawberry 2.6%
Capella – Vanilla Cupcake 4.1%
Liquid Barn – Vanilla Ice Cream 1.75%
Flavour West – White Chocolate 1.35%

Steep time – 2 weeks

Mix at 30% and top up with DarkStar PG to create the final product. Happy mixing!

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