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Vaping is a rapidly expanding industry, community and method of plant harm reduction. The number of people you see walking down the street with a vape instead of a cigarette in their hand increases every day, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.


The larger a trend becomes, the more niches and sub-communities start to form around that trend. Vaping is a perfect example of this with entrepreneurs opening stores, mod-makers, cloud chasers, flavour fanatics, and DIY e-liquid mixologists.

DIY e-liquid is amazing, and here are five reasons why you should pick up this hobby:

Reason 1: Cost

One of the most attractive reasons to start whipping up your own juice is the price tag. You can make savings of up to £4.70 for a 10ml bottle of juice. Has the thought ‘I wonder if I’m spending more on e-juice than I would on a pack of cigarettes’ ever crossed your mind? If you’re mixing, that concern is no longer an issue and you will have plenty of pocket money left over.

Reason 2: Simplicity

Are you worried that mixing will be difficult or tedious? You don’t need high-tech equipment in a world-class laboratory with clockwork precision to make a premium quality juice. All you need is a small, clear area with space to put your ingredients and tools on, and a recipe.

Surely, coming up with a recipe is the hardest part, right? Not at all. There are plenty of recipes online for you to try out if you aren’t ready to make your own. If you do want to make your own recipe, there are e-liquid calculators like our one, that can tell you exactly what to put into your bottle to make any recipe you can imagine.

Reason 3: Safety

You may have heard the concerns about e-liquid containing nasties like diacetyl, acetoin and acetyl propionyl. Maybe you have had those concerns yourself. Sure, they are only really dangerous in high quantities; but diacetyl-free is better than diacetyl-some, right? By taking up mixology, you know exactly what is going into your juice, and you have the option to eliminate whatever you want from it.

Reason 4: Customisation

Let your imagination run wild. Will vanilla and grape juice work well together? Has anyone made apricot and cheesecake before? The experimentation and full customisation of the flavour, amount of vapour, nicotine quantity and throat hit allow you to create the ‘perfect’ e-liquid.

‘Perfect’ is subjective, but that’s okay, because your vape will be influenced by nobody but yourself. Put this on top of other customisations such as building your own coil, and you have essentially created a 100% personalised experience.

Reason 5: Fun Factor

This is not something to be disregarded; making your own juice is fun! It doesn’t take a very long time, you learn what flavours work and don’t work, and most of all, once you find something that you really enjoy, you won’t think twice about cigarettes. You’ll never again have to grit your teeth through an awful tasting juice from some vendor, just because it’s all you’ve got left!

These are our top 5 reasons for making your own e-liquid. If you already can’t wait to get started, you can head over to our DIY e-liquid store and get a complete kit with everything you need to get started. If you’ve already started mixing, comment with your experiences and your reasons for doing it!

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