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Now that August is here and it’s finally warm (dare I say, even hot), I want to vape something that gives me that summer feeling.

I’ve vaped all sorts of fruit and drink e-liquids but the one that I started and haven’t been able to move on from is Montego Bay.

It’s a simple recipe so I can make another batch up really easily (and I’ll need to do that soon).  Even if you’re new to DIY mixing, you’ll be able to mix this one and enjoy my new favourite all-day-vape for summer.

The Recipe: Montego Bay

8% Honey Dew Melon – Pope & Brewer’s Gourmet Flavours

5% Pineapple – The Flavour Apprentice

2% Mango ‘Alfonso’ – The Flavour Concentrate Company

1% Ethyl Maltol – The Flavor Apprentice

Recommended steeping time: 5-6 days

Get the details of the recipe Montego Bay hier.

The Mix

I’m vaping this with 3mg nicotine in a 70VG/30PG e-liquid.

To make 50ml, I used:

  • 4.5ml PG (4.5g)
  • 29.17ml VG (36.75g)
  • 8.33ml nicotine (9.85g)
  • 4ml Honey Dew Melon (4g)
  • 2.5ml Pineapple (2.5g)
  • 1ml Mango ‘Alfonso’ (1g)
  • 0.5ml Ethyl Maltol (0.5g)

Go to our E-Liquid Calculator to get the right measurements to make this the perfect vape juice for you.  You can adjust your PG/VG ratio if you don’t like as much cloud as I do.

The vape

As soon as this was mixed, I gave it a sniff and knew it was going to need a long steep.  Pineapple is particularly well-known for that but it’s definitely worth the wait.

The recipe recommends 5-6 days and I gave mine the full 6, just to make sure.  It worked!

It has a really strong, fruity smell which made my mouth water before I’d even filled my tank.

What I like about Montego Bay is that it’s a tropical taste that isn’t too tart.  A lot of tropical fruit vapes can have a bit of a sharp tang to them and (as someone with an incurable sweet tooth) I like the hint of sweetness in this one.  It tastes like a creamy cocktail and I can’t get enough of it.

With the sun out, the green grass beneath my feet and my new favourite e-juice in my tank, I’m set for summer.

Share your all-day-vape for summer

We’re always on the look-out for great new recipes so, if you have a favourite summer vape, let us know what it is.

Post them below or catch us on Facebook or Twitter to share your best e-liquids.

We’ll put the best ones on our website to share with the whole vaping community – please let us know what name (if any) you would like us to credit the recipe to.


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