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Mon 6 Feb 2017

ELFC is happy to announce that we now stock T-Juice flavour concentrates!

T Juice have been a part of the UK vaping scene for many years, and were one of the first companies to introduce innovative branding and abstract flavour names to their range of e liquids. A trend that has continued to grow both in the UK and worldwide.

T Juice are proud to be based in the UK, and procure most of their ingredients from within Britain.

Since releasing their range of concentrates, T Juice have been a name synonymous with the world of DIY e liquid, being one of the first to offer blended concentrates of already popular e liquids to the mass market.

Some of T-Juice’s most popular flavour concentrates include:


T-Juice Red Astaire


Red Astaire

Classic combination of grape, sweet berries, aniseed, menthol and eucalyptus.



T Juice Clara T

Clara T

Refreshing fruity flavour with light aniseed undertones.



T Juice Jack the Ripple

Jack the Ripple

Raspberry ripple ice cream flavour.


You can check out the entire T-Juice range of flavour concentrates here.

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