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Sat 4 Feb 2017

As you may be aware, the TPD regulations regarding e cigarettes are about to reshape the vaping landscape, with all companies expected to be fully compliant by May 2017. If you are unaware of the TPD regulations, check out our guide.


For the record, ELFC is fully against the regulations and consider them to be overbearing, heavy handed and potentially damaging to small businesses and the industry in general. After all, this is an industry based on smokers looking for a safer alternative to to traditional plant cigarettes, and whilst we are all for making vaping as safe as possible, we feel that the TPD goes way beyond this and, in our opinion, many of the regulations are nonsensical and clearly written by individuals who do not have much knowledge about the industry.


That being said, we do not see a negative future for vaping in the UK and the European Union. With many millions still smoking plant cigarettes, vaping will surely continue to grow in the coming years. And despite some of the TPD regulations regarding nicotine strength, tank size etc. being very restrictive, this is in no way a life threatening blow to this ever expanding and innovative industry.


This statement is to declare that we are now a fully TPD compliant business.


We understand that becoming fully compliant has been easier for us than it will be for many other vaping businesses. After all, the only product we sell that falls within the remit of the regulations is nicotine. Comparing this with other businesses who manufacture or retail many different tanks, kits and e liquids, it’s clear that our task is much smaller and simpler to overcome.


Going forward, we will only be retailing TPD complaint Nicotine Shots for those who use nicotine in their DIY e liquid. These shots are 18mg, and can make 30ml of e liquid at 6mg, 60ml of e liquid at 3mg and 120ml of e liquid at 1.5mg. Our nicotine shots are currently priced at £1.19 each or £19.99 for a box of 20. This means that DIY e liquid can still remain a cost saving alternative to pre-mixed e liquid, and we plan to lower the price in the future as demand rises. Our 72mg Nicotine Concentrate will now only be available to wholesale customers who have the relevant documentation and EC-ID numbers for their nicotine containing liquid.


ELFC is a businesses committed and passionate about vaping and the huge benefits it can bring, and we are confident that the industry has a bright future and we’re looking forward to being a part of it.


Ashley Battye


Managing Director at E Liquid Flavour Concentrates UK


If you have any questions about the TPD and vaping regulations, feel free to get in touch at


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