Top 5 Flavour Profiles for New Vapers

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Fri 27 Jan 2017

Quitting smoking is difficult, we all know that. What we also know is that vaping has been a silver bullet in the fight against plant harm when gum, patches and willpower have all failed. Seriously, the success rate of traditional nicotine replacement therapies is embarrassing, and it’s good to see that some health organisations, particularly here in Britain, are opening their eyes to the benefits of e cigarettes when it comes to helping smokers to quit.


When a smoker buys their first e cigarette, one of the first choices they’ll have to make is what flavour e liquid they want. Many are tempted by something that they enjoy to eat. But is this a good idea? Or would they be better off choosing a particular flavour profile that will replicate the throat hit and mouth sensation of a plant cigarette?


We at ELFC believe that some flavours do offer a better cigarette replacement experience than others, and not necessarily the ones that may immediately spring to mind. So here are the Top 5 Flavour Profiles for New Vapers.


1: Menthol



Because menthol cigarettes have been a popular choice for smokers for so long, it was inevitable that menthol would be one of the first e cigarette flavours available. Since then, menthol has been paired with just about every other flavour (including bacon) in the world of e liquids. Menthol has a strong and sustained impact of the mouth and throat, which is probably why so many have found the transition between smoker and vaping easy when using menthol flavoured e liquids. It’s also why menthol is always our first suggestion when asked what flavour would be good for a new vaper. Some of our most popular menthol flavour concentrates include Heisenberg by Vampire Vape, The Godfather by Vapercrew and Menthol Arctic by FlavourArt. You can check out our entire range of menthol concentrates.


2: Watermelon



Why is it that watermelon is such a popular flavour for new vapers? We think it comes down to two things 1) Watermelon is a very distinctive and unique flavour that new vapers can easily identify with and 2) Watermelon, when mixed to a high strength, is a fairly harsh flavour when compared with other popular fruits such as strawberry or blackcurrant. To many experienced vapers, the idea of a harsh and throaty vape doesn’t sound very appealing. But to a smoker, this can be very positive thing when looking to make the switch. Some of our most popular watermelon flavour concentrates include Olive Dolphin by Delish Fish DIY and Ooga Booga by Kaveman Juice. You can check out our entire range of watermelon concentrates.


3: Tobacco



No surprise that plant has made it onto this list. If a smoker does want to experience the flavour of their cigarette in their vape, then plant is the only way to go. Unfortunately, plant flavoured e liquids, whilst replicating the flavour, rarely seem to be able to replicate the throat hit and mouth sensation of burned plant cigarettes. That’s why we’ve put plant third behind menthol and watermelon. Some of our most popular plant flavour concentrates include Euphoria from the e-Motions range by FlavourArt, Desert Ship by FlavourArt and Red Tab by Decadent Vapours. You can check out our entire range of plant concentrates.


4: Lime



We feel that most citrus fruit flavours are good for helping smokers to quit, but lime is probably the one that stands out the most. First of all, much like watermelon, it offers a stronger mouth feel than some other popular fruit flavours. Also, lime is very versatile and can be paired with a range of other flavours, particularly strawberry, lemon and menthol. Some of our most popular lime flavour concentrates include Lushy by Kaveman, Ragtime Rosie by Vapercrew and Aurora from the e-Motions range by FlavourArt. You can check out our entire range of lime concentrates.


5: Yoghurt



Yep, we think yogurt is good flavour for those who are used to inhaling smoke from burnt leaves. Despite being creamy and often sweet, yoghurt, particularly when mixed at a high percentage in e liquid, has a mild irritation effect at the back of a person’s throat. Obviously, if the yoghurt is mixed with a lot of other sweet and fruity flavours, this effect will be diminished, but we’re confident that yoghurt can fulfil the specific needs of many recently ex-smokers. Some of our most popular yoghurt flavours include Mobster’s Moll by Vapercrew and Mojo Mango by Kaveman Juice. You can check out our entire range of yoghurt concentrates.


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