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Find out how to mix Vampire Vape flavour concentrates here.

Our guide for beginners, whether you’re just starting or have never mixed before, is easy to follow and takes you through every step to mix the perfect Vampire Vape flavour.

Why choose Vampire Vape flavours?

Vampire Vape flavour concentrates are award-winning flavours that are manufactured in the UK.

They have a range of over 60 flavours to choose from.  Each concentrate is a unique blend that is a full and complex flavour profile.

The hugely popular Pinkman and Heisenberg are complex fruity blends with a subtle cooling menthol.  They are the most renowned flavours from Vampire Vape and they are perfect all-day-vapes.


The facts about mixing Vampire Vape concentrates

All Vampire Vape concentrates are mixed at the same percentage so you can switch between flavours easily.

We recommend mixing them at 15-20% to get the full complexity of the flavour.

Because Vampire Vape flavours are all one-shot concentrates, they are complex blends of flavours already mixed together to create the perfect e-liquid.  All you need to do is add one concentrate to your PG/VG base and leave it for 7 days to steep and then you’ll have an incredible, vibrant e-liquid.


An easy guide to mixing Vampire Vape e-liquid

It’s easy to mix your own Vampire Vape e-juice.

To make any Vampire Vape e-liquid at home, all you need is: PG, VG, the one-shot concentrate of your choice and 18mg nicotine (if you want it).

To mix your DIY e-liquid, you need: a mixing beaker, either a syringe or weighing scales, and a suitable bottle to store the mixed e-liquid.

This is how I mixed 50ml of 70VG/30PG Blood Sukka e-liquid at 3mg:

  • Use the mixing beaker to blend the liquids together
  • Add 10ml (10g) of Blood Sukka concentrate (mixed at 20%)
  • Add 5ml (5g) of PG
  • Add 26.67ml (33.60g) of VG
  • Add 8.33ml (10.5g) of nicotine based in VG
  • Mix them together and pour into a 50ml bottle
  • Leave it to steep for at least 7 days

If you want to mix a different volume of vape juice, want to alter the PG/VG ratio or want to change the nicotine strength, then go to our e-liquid calculator.  

It’s easy to use.  All you need to do is enter your requirements and it will calculate your personalised recipe by both weight and volume so you can choose how to measure it.

All Vampire Vape concentrates come in a PG base.

We have everything you need to mix your own vape juice at home.  Get quality mixing accessories qui.


Let us know what your favourite Vampire Vape flavour is

What is your favourite Vampire Vape flavour so far?

We love to hear from you, so get in touch!  Leave a comment below or share this page on social media using the links above.

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