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  1. What are flavour enhancers?
  2. How to use flavour enhancers
  3. Most popular flavour enhancers

What are flavour enhancers?

Flavour enhancers are concentrates that can be added to your DIY recipe to create a specific effect.

They can make your recipe sweet, sour, cool, spicy or creamy.

Flavour enhancers are really useful when you’re making your own e-juice because they create an effect without altering the flavour of the recipe.

For example, you can get concentrates such as menthol which will create a cooling effect for your vape juice but it will also alter the taste because it is minty.  If you want a cold e-liquid, using a flavour enhancer creates a cooling effect without adding any other flavour.

This is the same for sweet and sour enhancers.  There are other concentrates such as candy flavours that can create that effect but they are flavoured and will change the taste of your recipe. 


How to use flavour enhancers

Using flavour enhancers is easy.

The first thing to do is to decide what effect you would like in your recipe.

Like a lot of DIY mixing, how much of the enhancer you use depends upon:

  • Your personal taste
  • How potent the concentrate is
  • What flavour you want to create

Most DIY mixers (unless very experienced) start with a recipe they know.  You can find a huge number of free e-liquid recipes online.  If you want to find some excellent recipes, get top tips for mixing or see a list of online resources, visit our Guide to Mixing E-Liquids and our Best Vape Juice Recipes.

Once you have a recipe, you can adapt it according to your taste.  If you want it to be sweeter, spicier, cooler or tangy, then you can add some flavour enhancer.

Often, experimentation is the key to success with DIY e-liquids.  Try mixing a few small tester batches of the recipe, each with different levels of flavour enhancer in.  When they’ve been steeped, you’ll be able to test them all and see which you prefer.  Then you can mix up a large batch of your perfect recipe!  Just remember to label your tester bottles so you know exactly which recipe created your favourite flavour.


Most popular flavour enhancers

These are some of our most popular flavour enhancers.

Try them out today to see how they can add a little extra something to your recipe.



An image of a spoon with blocks of sugar on top. This image is used for the flavour concentrate - Ethyl Maltol


Ethyl Maltol is a potent sweetener, used in a range of confectionery, dessert and bakery recipes.  It’s widely used because it is so effective and the slight candy-floss smell adds a little flavour without it being overpowering.

Sweetener adds the sweetness that you want without distorting the flavours of your mix.  It’s easy to use and is potent, so you don’t need to add much to get a great effect.

Sweetness is an extra-strong flavour enhancer that makes your recipe taste just the way you want it to.  Satisfy your sweet tooth with this concentrate, no matter what recipe you’re mixing.



An image depicting water turning into ice. This image is used for the flavour concentrate Polar Blast FA


Polar Blast FA is one of the most popular cooling enhancers because it has no mint or menthol flavour.  If you want to add a chill to your mix without changing the flavour, then this is the ideal concentrate for you.

Ecto Cooler is an incredible flavour enhancer.  You can get a chilling exhale with this concentrate, and the delicious hints of orange and tangerine add a little refreshing citrus taste to your e-liquid.

Menthol Arctic (Arctic Winter) FA  has a brilliantly cooling effect.  The chilling menthol will make any recipe instantly Arctic!  It’s potent, so you don’t need to use much to get the full effect and one bottle lasts a long time.

If you want to learn more about which cooling flavour enhancer you should use, check out our Guide to Mint and Menthol Flavours.



An image of sour jelly sweets. This image is used to represent the flavour Sour


Sour is an enhancer that makes any recipe instantly tangy and zesty.  Liven up soda drink flavours, bring out the tart sourness of berries or re-create your favourite tangy confectionery flavour.



An image of a Flavorah bottle with the word 'Heat' on it.


Heat is a warming concentrate that will make any e-liquid mix instantly spicy.  Make it as hot as you like with this potent concentrate.


All flavour enhancers

There’s an enhancer that will provide you with exactly the effect you want.

See our full range of flavour enhancers.



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