Getting Started With Your Electronic Cigarette


Congratulations on purchasing your new electronic cigarette. We hope you enjoy vaping with it. E-cigs are a fast-growing industry, and they have been increasing in popularity for years because they offer a smoke-free alternative to cigarettes. You are joining millions of others who have chosen this alternative to smoke. This booklet is meant to offer a brief introduction to your e-cigarette, how to use it, and how to maintain it. As you become more familiar with this technology, you may decide to take your customizable vaping experience to the next level by building your own mechanical MODs, rebuildable atomizers (RBAs), or rebuildable dripping atomizers (RDAs). If you do, we look forward to helping you make the right purchases if you intend to mix your own flavors, we have over 1,200 on our website, as well as a recipe book that will give you some awesome ideas. Don’t forget to check it out! Well, you must be very excited, so let’s get to it. Happy vaping!


Getting Started

If you have just bought a modern electronic cigarette starter kit, it most likely comes in three parts. These are the battery, the customizer, and the mouthpiece.If you have bought an older device, you may have more
parts to deal with, which we will introduce you to shortly.Your starter kit probably looks something like this:

Figure 1 – Parts of an Electronic Cigarette

1 – Wicks/coils and Atomizers

2 – Battery Charger

3 – Mouthpiece

4 – Battery

5 – Clearomizer

If your kit looks something like this, all you have to do to start vaping is:

1) Screw the battery into the charger (clockwise) and plug it in to charge it.

2) Add liquid to the customizer carefully at a 45° angle along the outside wall of the tank. Avoid getting e

the liquid inside of the air nozzle (see fig. 2 and 3).

3) Screw in or insert the mouthpiece securely.

4) Wait about one minute for the coils to absorb the liquid. Firing a dry atomizer can damage it.

5) Screw in the battery, securely.

6) If your battery is manually activated (if it has a button on it), you may need to turn it “on.”If so, click the button five times to do so.

7) Push the button of the battery five times to activate, and while holding the button down, inhale, as with a cigarette.

8) Enjoy!


Full Disassembly

To disassemble a customizer:

1) Empty the tank of all remaining liquid.

2) Hold the tank securely in one hand.

3) Unscrew (counterclockwise) the base of the customizer (the part that connects to the battery)to free it from the tank.

4) Unscrew the atomizer to remove it from the base.

5) You can now clean or replace any of these parts.

To reassemble your customizer follow these instructions in reverse. Примечание that most disposable customizers are not meant to be disassembled, and should not be. Replace these when necessary. We recommend using customizers with replaceable coil heads because they will save you money in the long run.



Atomizers/Coils and Wicks: to clean your atomizer, remove it from its mounting, blow out any liquid and set it on a paper towel to dry. To wash your coil, soak it in distilled water, propylene glycol or pure grain alcohol.

Do not use rubbing alcohol.

If you notice a reduction in vapor production or the flavor of your e-liquid tastes burnt, it may be time to clean or replace your atomizer. Replacing just a wick in a MOD requires experience is a lot of work, although it is a common practice when rebuilding an RBA. For recommended for beginners, because atomizer/wick combinations are inexpensive, it is easier to replace burned-out parts. Depending on use, atomizer coils tend to can have a life span between 2-4weeks and 3 months, so you should keep a few spares on hand, just in case.

Batteries: the life of your battery will depend on its capacity, how often you use it, and your recharging patterns. If your battery will no longer hold a charge, you should consider replacing it with a new one. Most batteries have a lifespan of 200 charges or about 6months.

Clearomizer Tanks: to clean your tank, remove the mouthpiece and atomizer assembly, then soak it in warm distilled water, vodka, propylene glycol, or pure grain alcohol, blow out any remaining liquid, then set it on a paper towel to dry. Do not use rubbing alcohol. Ensure no liquid remains in the center tube. Tanks should be replaced if they begin to leak regularly. Cleaning your tank before switching your e-liquid flavor keeps it from mixing with residue from your last one, making each e-liquid taste better!


Adapters come in two kinds, threading adaptors, which can be used to connect together e-cigarette parts of different circumferences, and sleeve adaptors, which will give your e-cigarette a sleeker look.

Atomizers: Also known as heating coils или же heaters, atomizers are the part of the e-cigarette that vaporizes your e-liquid. Bottom coil-style tanks and atomizers are the least likely to leak and the easiest to repair.

Batteries: This is the part of the e-cigarette that supplies power to your atomizer. Battery capacity is measured in mAH (milliampere/hour).

Battery Chargers are used to recharge your e-cig batteries, usually via USB cable and/or an optional wall charger.

Bottles are incredibly useful to have around if you are making your own e-liquid.

Clearomizers: Cartomizer technology that combines a tank and an atomizer that usually includes user-replaceable wicks and coils.

Flavor is the fun part of DIY vaping. Mix your own flavors and enjoy the taste!

Drip tip: Mouthpieces that are removable and allow you to place the liquid directly on the coil.

Никотин is usually available suspended in propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), or a mix of the two. It is an active ingredient in cigarettes.

WARNING: Nicotine is addictive, and e-cigarettes are not recommended for use by non-smokers.

PG / Propylene Glycol is a liquid commonly found in numerous food products such as food colorings, syrups, and sauces. When vaporized, PG is responsible for the“hit” on your throat when you take a puff from your e-cig.

Syringes а также eye droppers help you measure liquid volume when mixing your own e-liquids.

Tanks: Sometimes also called патроны, these hold your reservoir of e-liquid, and will be attached to the mouthpiece, the battery, and the atomizer.VG / Vegetable Glycerin is a liquid, found in numerous food products like soft candies, condiments, and sauces.VG is what produces the smoke-like vapor when you exhale after taking a puff from your e-cig.

Wicks: Wicks draws the e-liquid from the reservoir into the atomizer. Many people refer to these as coils.


DIY E-Liquid

Making your own e-liquid, using your favorite flavors, or developing your own recipes can be a lot of fun! This is a brief guide on developing your own DIY e-liquid.

1) Choose your PG/VG ratio. Standard ratios are50/50 and 70/30. MOD users tend to prefer high-VG e-liquids.

2) Find a well-ventilated workspace. If you’re often clumsy, wear a pair of latex gloves. Work on the anon-porous surface like glass.

3) Using a syringe или же eyedropper, mix your PGand VG in an empty bottle to your desired ratio. Using the same nicotine strength pre-mixed PGand VG liquids are recommended for beginners.12-18mg/ml is roughly equivalent to the nicotine from light cigarettes, while A 10 ml bottle of 24mg/ml e-liquid contains the same amount of nicotine as a carton of regular cigarettes.

4) Choose your flavor(s). These are often concentrated liquids. Beginners are recommended to use only water-soluble flavors and to avoid flavors containing diacetyl. Until you gain experience, limit the flavor contentto10% of your e-liquid solution.

5) Shake your flavor mix and let it “steep” for about a day before vaping.

Примечание that nicotine adds a slightly bitter taste to e-liquid. Keep this in mind when developing recipes. Some eliquids change color over time, due to oxidation. If you have any questions about the behavior of your e-liquid, please contact us at +8615959388365, and our customer service representatives will be happy to assist you.


DIY e-liquid Calculator

If you are mixing your e-liquid using an eyedropper,1ml is the equivalent of approximately 20 drops. We recommend using a graduated cylinder for more precise measurements. For a quick-and-dirty DIY e-liquid recipe, you want to use something like this.

This recipe will make 30 ml of 16mg RY4 plant flavored e-liquid, a very common flavor, and a very delicious one, too! Depending on the brand of flavoring you use, most e-liquids require a flavor content between 10-20% of the total volume. You can check out our online e-liquid calculator here:

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