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Keep your vaping device working during the cold winter months.

Especially if you live in an area where the temperature can fall below freezing, it’s important to follow some simple procedures to make sure your vaping experience stays positive.

It won’t cost anything to look after your e-cigarette properly.

Keep your device warm

You can avoid a lot of the problems of winter vaping just by keeping your e-cigarette warm.

The problems start to arise when your device gets cold (the battery loses power, the e-liquid freezes and you get condensation).

If you just keep your vaporiser warm, you’ll avoid all of these things.

One of the best ways to do that without going to much effort is to keep it in the inside pocket of your coat. It’s out of the way, accessible, and your body heat will stop it suffering from the extreme cold.

If you can’t – or don’t want to – keep it in your inside pocket, below are some of the best ways to keep your device working at maximum efficiency over the winter months.

Avoid condensation

Just like all electronic devices, e-cigarettes should be kept well away from moisture. This is particularly difficult during the winter as condensation forms so easily.

If you get condensation in the battery compartment and on the electrical connections, your device may malfunction.

To stop this happening, store your e-cig in a case or a bag.

Take care of your battery

Cold temperatures can make your battery less efficient. It’s easy to keep it working properly, though, if you know how.

The cold can make your battery slow to activate and you’ll need more power to fire it and keep it working. You might find that you get a lower voltage from your battery when it is extremely cold.


Don’t leave your e-liquids in the cold

It’s unlikely that your e-juice will freeze if you leave it out in the cold, unless you’re experiencing extremely low temperatures.

However, the cold can affect the consistency of your e-liquid.

Low temperatures will make your vape juice thick and harder to vape so, if you want to keep vaping easy and enjoyable, store your e-liquids somewhere warm.

Use high-PG e-liquids

Vegetable Glycerine (VG) is a thick, viscous liquid.

In the cold weather, VG becomes thicker and doesn’t flow easily. That means it doesn’t soak into the wick as quickly and it becomes harder to vape efficiently.

The vape juice that was perfect for you in the summer might need some adjustment to be as perfect in the winter.

If the VG doesn’t wick properly, it can cause dry hits because the wicking material is not saturated with e-liquid.

By using a high ratio of Propylene Glycol (PG), you keep your e-liquid runny, even in the cold.

You also produce more cloud when you vape in the cold. Some vapers like that but others don’t. It’s the VG which produces most of the vapour so, by reducing your VG content, you can reduce the amount of cloud you produce.

PG also has an extremely low freezing temperature (-59°C or -74°F) so your e-liquid is much less likely to start freezing if you leave it out if it has a high-PG ratio.

A 50/50 mix should be perfect for vaping in the winter. If you make your own DIY vape juice, use our e-liquid calculator to get the right PG/VG balance. If you want something ready-made, check out our delicious range of 50/50 e-liquids.

Most sub-ohm tanks are designed to be used with high-VG e-juices in normal temperatures. Because you are adjusting the PG/VG ratio to mimic a room-temperature mix, most tanks will be fine with the higher-PG e-liquid.

Don’t use a metal mouthpiece

This might sound silly but it’s a great little tip.

A lot of modern mouthpieces are made of steel.

Not only are they small and therefore lose heat quickly, but they’re usually insulated from the rest of the vaping device. They are the first thing to get cold.

Using a cold mouthpiece can be unpleasant but it’s not dangerous. Using a freezing metal mouthpiece will get your lips stuck to it.

It’s hilarious as long as it’s not you that’s stuck.

Our advice to you – especially if you live in an area which sees sub-zero temperatures – is to get a plastic or resin mouthpiece.

Enjoy these winter warmers

If you want to feel festive this winter, what better way to do it than to carry a little device of Christmas cheer around with you? Choose a delicious e-liquid recipe to satisfy your winter cravings.

Try our favourite Christmas recipe, Festive Apple. With only four flavours, it’s easy to make and totally festive! A warm and spicy apple dessert flavour for the festive season.

Get in the party spirit with our Festive Jaegerbombs. Full of rich flavour and energy! It’s really simple to mix your own e-juice.

Indulge yourself with Santa’s Chocolate Orange. It’s not Christmas without a chocolate orange, so go ahead, treat yourself to this delicious e-liquid recipe.

Be a bit naughty with this Mistletoe Kiss. A classic candy cane flavour that’s sweet and refreshing.

If you’re looking for something particular, search our hundreds of free recipes for the flavour you crave this winter.

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