We Tried The New Dunkin’ Spring Menu So You Don’t Have To

We didn’t know what to expect from this, as it seemed like a pretty fancy menu item for a donut-and-coffee chain to pull off. Usually, when fast food restaurants get too ambitious and stray from their core competencies, the results are disappointing. However, the flavor of the tomato pesto grilled cheese thoroughly surpassed our expectations.

The base of this sandwich is sourdough bread that’s made using a Dunkin’-exclusive recipe. It’s quite tasty, with a noticeable but not overpowering tang. The texture of the bread is great as well, with a nice balance between chewiness and tenderness.

Between the two slices of gently toasted sourdough, you get two pieces of white cheddar, a smear of nut-free pesto, and some chunks of roasted tomatoes. The pesto didn’t taste fresh, but it reminded us of high-quality jarred pesto and wasn’t bad at all. The cheese, which was a pretty mild cheddar, was nicely melted and savory. The tomatoes had a good amount of char on them and were perfectly soft. All the flavors went together well and the ingredients were properly seasoned.

If we had one gripe about this sandwich, it was that the tomato chunks were too large. They still had the skin on as well, so it was hard to take a bite out of the sandwich that had a good distribution of tomato; you either got a massive chunk or none at all. That was a minor issue, however, and otherwise, this was a great sandwich.

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